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All About The Total Solar Eclipse on the 4th of December
Read on to find out more about these planetary alignments as they’ll appear on Saturday.

Neptune’s Direct Motion From Wednesday the 1st of December
Look to your ascendant sign below to see what Neptune’s direct motion on the 1st of December onwards might mean for you.

An Astrological Overview of The Month of December 2021
This will be quite a busy month, as far as astrological transits go. The month begins with Neptune turning direct in Pisces and then we’ll have a Total Solar Eclipse at on the 4th.

What Moon Opposite Jupiter on the 26th Could Mean for You
The Moon will move into Leo on the 24th of November and then will be moving on to op-pose Jupiter in Aquarius just two days later.Let's have a look at the areas of life this could play out in for everybody

Your Guide to Eclipses in Astrology
How Should We Interpret Eclipses? Eclipses are usually aspecting our own natal chart for a good reason. There may be some shake-ups at the time of the eclipse

All About the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 19th of November
This Full Moon in Taurus on the 19th will be much more energetically potent than most Full Moons simply because it’s a partial eclipse. Read on to find out about some of the other Full Moon’s aspects.

Venus in the Houses of your Solar Return Chart
Venus in the solar return chart might suggest which relationships become important for you during this year.

This Week’s Mars Square Saturn Aspect And You
On Wednesday the 10th of November Mars will be in a square aspect to Saturn by transit. Occurring at 7° Scorpio for Mars and 7° Aquarius for Saturn, this will definitely be a transit to pay attention to

The New Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday the 4th of November
The Astrological Events During this Coming New Moon in Scorpio

An Overview of The Month of November in Astrology
There are lots of new things happening this month. As usual we begin the month with the New Moon, which falls in Scorpio this time on the 4th of November

The Sun is Moving into Scorpio, but What Does This Mean for You? 23rd of October - 22nd of November 2021
Which of your natal chart’s houses will the Sun be in for the following month after this date, until he moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd of November and what will this mean for you?

Full Moon in Aries on the 20th of October
All About the Coming Full Moon in Aries on the 20th of October

What does Saturn’s Retrograde Turning Direct this Week Mean for You?
Understanding Saturn’s retrograde is helpful because we can take what we’ve learned about this difficult time and use it to move forwards through the rest of the year with more confidence

An Overview of Available Techniques in Predictive Astrology
Four popular methods of prediction from the perspective of an astrologer, what they are, how they are used and the what they’re useful for predicting. Read further to find out more.

Your Moon’s Aspects to Planets in Your Solar Return Chart
In this article, I am going to go into some detail about what it means when your Moon is aspecting the other planets in your solar return chart.

The New Moon in Libra on Wednesday the 6th of October
What Does the Coming New Moon in Libra Have in Store for Us?

An Overview of The Month of October in Astrology
October is guaranteed to be a fresh and fabulous month! It’s Libra season and we are now officially in Autumn, which began at the Autumn equinox on Wednesday the 22nd of September.

The Astrology Transits of Moving Home
Sometimes we are more likely to move home than at other times in our lives and through the eyes of the natal chart in astrology, this can be distinguished by looking at various specific transits to the chart.

All About September’s Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th or the 21st
With the Full Moon along the axis of service and Mars in peaceful Libra, it’s exciting to know Mercury will be forming an almost exact trine with Jupiter, with an orb of only 00°1’ of arc!!

The Coming Mars in Libra Transit and You
Mars transits in our personal natal charts may be able to tell us where we can become prone to facing more conflicts and difficulties during the transit.

The Sun in the Houses of your Solar Return Chart
The Sun is the most significant planet in the solar return chart and where this is, represents the area of life we might focus a great deal of energy for the coming year.

The New Moon in Virgo on Saturday the 7th of September 2021
What Does the Coming New Moon in Virgo Have in Store for Us?

How Will the Mercury Retrograde Affect You this Month?
Where will Mercury be in your natal chart and which preparations can you take to try to circumnavigate the worst of the effects of the retrograde?

An Overview of The Month of September 2021 in Astrology
Read below for an explanation of what the astrology weather has in store for us all this month.

Week’s Mercury Opposite Neptune in Your Natal Chart
Mercury opposite Neptune is especially significant this Wednesday the 25th of August, when it is exact and at it’s strongest energetically.

August’s Full Moon in Aquarius and What it Means
There will be a Full Moon this week on Sunday on the 22nd of August 2021. This Full Moon will occur at the very last degree of Aquarius, which is also known as the ‘anaretic’ degree in astrology.

The Astrology Transits of Mid-life Crisis
Astrologically, there are four major transits that we all experience between our mid-thirties to our early forties. Each of these characterise a distinctly different stage during this period of our lives

Sunday’s Leo New Moon in the Your Natal Chart
There’ll be a New Moon in Leo this Sunday, the 8th of August. At 16° Leo, this New Moon will be in the same sign as Mercury, supporting meaningful communications, as well as artistic and creative endeavours of all kinds.

An Overview of The Month of August 2021 in Astrology
This month we even start with a New Moon in Leo on the 8th of August, trailed by Mercury’s ingress into the following sign, Virgo on the 11th

Britney Spears, her Transits and her Father Synastry
The life of famous pop star, Britney Spears has come under public scrutiny lately, as it has in the past many times. She has told the world her father has been abusing his role as her conservator

Jupiter Falls Back into Aquarius For 5 Months
Jupiter Falls Back into Aquarius For 5 Months. What Will This Mean For You?

Saturday’s Full Moon in Aquarius and what it Means for Us
How we might experience the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 24th of July. With the Full Moon occurring along the Aquarius/ Leo axis, the focus may be primarily on our collective values, events, the greater society and our social personalities

The Moon in the Houses of your Solar Return Chart
The interpretation of your solar return is a predictive interpretation of your year ahead starting from your birthdayfrequencies

The Venus - Mars Conjunction – What it Means for You
Venus and Mars will conjoin for us all on the 13th of July 2021 at 19°48’ Leo, just three days after our Cancer New Moon, making it all the more significant

The Saturn - Uranus Square In Your Natal Chart
With the Uranus - Saturn square occurring three times in the heavens for us all this year, we can expect to experience some conflicting thoughts and energies between our desires for freedom and spontaneity and our needs for structure and stability.

The New Moon in Cancer on Saturday the 10th of July
With the New Moon occurring in Cancer, focus may be primarily on home and family, with many opportunities for reflecting on our memories of our past emotions

Thursday’s Full Moon in Capricorn and what it Means for you
This week’s Full Moon will be at 3° Capricorn with the Sun directly opposite at 3° Cancer. This will be just three day as after the Summer Solstice, which was on 21st June, marking the longest day of the year and the start of Summer here in the UK

Astrology – Tips for Choosing a Favourable Time to Move Home
A professional astrologer can help choose the best days to do certain things as having the planets in beneficial aspects can help the experience immensely

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini since the 20th May 2021!
Mercury has been Retrograde in Gemini since the 20th May 2021 and will be for another two weeks, when he turns direct on Tuesday the 22nd June at around 10 pm in the UK. So, what does the Mercury Retrograde mean for you?

What Are the Main Differences Between Western and Eastern Branches of Astrology?
Beautifully intricate, all branches of astrology offer profound insight into our dynamic relationship with the cosmos, yet there are many differences between them.

Jupiter’s Pisces Ingress and What it Means for You
Although Jupiter creates expansion and can bring us lucky gifts, we all may experience his ingress into Pisces differently. Here is a helpful guide on what this could mean for you based on your ascendant.

Today’s Super Blood Moon Total Eclipse and what it Means for you
Because of the potency of the effect of the Total Eclipses, we may even begin to experience their energies up to around two weeks prior to the eclipse itself

Electing a Chart for an Important Event; Hints and Tips
It is widely known that astrology can be used as an invaluable tool for choosing a date and time for the launch of important events in a person’s life.

Pluto Transits to Your Natal Chart
Someone who is or will soon be experiencing a natal Pluto transit will be wise to expect that a great deal of adjustment may be needed from themselves while this transit is in effect.

Pluto Cycles Throughout History
As Pluto moves through the signs, times change, quite often reflecting the world’s economy and fashion.

Career Advancement in Predictive Astrology
There are a number of ways to spot potential windows of time for career advancement in the future when considering predictive Astrology and the natal chart of a person who is very driven and focussed on their work.

The Progressed Moon Cycle in Astrology
Progressions are an advanced predictive method. The progressed chart is calculated by progressing the natal chart forwards one day for every year lived for the native and is interpreted in a different way from transit charts

The UK Aries and Libra Ingress Charts 2021
Ingresses are often considered to be one of the most important events in Mundane Astrology, so let’s have a look at this year’s solar Aries and Libra ingress charts for the UK.

The national chart of India - Transits
On the 7th May 2021, Saturn is now moving into an exact opposition with the national Saturn of India while also moving into an exact conjunction with the MC

Planetary cycles - Second part
Let us examine in detail the changes and concerns that the planetary cycles produce in us during the different stages of life

Planetary cycles - First part
We all cover the phases of life: from childhood, to becoming a boy, young man, grown-up and then old, and there is no way - at least from a physical point of view - of escaping this universal law

One “arranger of destiny”, so Simenon calls the Commissary Maigret, his most famous personage. Little, almost imperceptible settlements that Maigret introduces into the life of other personages, which "arrange" or make them explode

The stages of life
Knowledge is power, to know in advance which sectors of our life and which dimensions of our personality will be subject to change, is very useful

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