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Those who visit this section at the beginning of their reading will be surprised, then intrigued, and probably going in depth ... certainly fascinated. Here a branch of astrology which is very innovative and still little known is explained and applied. We refer to the technique used to relocate Solar Return and the whole issue that follows it, called Active Astrology, an Italian school founded by Ciro Discepolo, internationally recognized journalist, astrologer, scholar and researcher. You can also calculate your Solar and Lunar return and get a complete and detailed forecast report.

Solar Return FAQ

All the answers to the most common and recurrent questions about Relocated Solar Return.
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Calculate Solar Return

Solar Return

The Solar Return is a clear and precise map that guides you to discover what will be the main events in the calendar year from birthday to birthday. Get the chart of your Solar return. calculate
Calculate Lunar Return

Lunar Return

The Lunar return helps you
identify those months during the
solar year in which the events
reported by the Solar Return will
be more likely to occur. Get the
chart of your Lunar Return.
Exorcising Symbols

Exorcising Symbols

Exorcise a symbol means that you activate it, live it, express it with awareness. A way to avoid suffering transits but to enhance them and mitigate their negative effects.
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Solar Return interpretation

Solar Return interpretation

How should a Solar Return chart
be interpreted? An easy
reference guide in which you can
read the interpretation of SR
Ascendant an planets in the 12
houses of Solar Return.

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Relocating Solar Return

Relocated Solar Return

What If the Solar Return calculated for the place where you live suggest unpleasant surprises? What to do? The Best thing is to travel to a place astrologically more more
Astro Google Earth

Astro Google Map-Demo

Calculate your Solar Return
anywhere in the world.
The calculation is integrated with
Google Map and allows you to
quickly relocate your SR chart
with a simple click.


  Articles about Active
 Astrology and Solar
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  Introduction to Solar Return
  and Active Astrology
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  Thoughts and reflections on
  relocated Solar Return
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  A few concepts on Astrology 
  and Geography
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 Solar Return Ascendant in
  the twelve natal houses
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  Interpreting Transits along
  with Solar Return chart
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  Lunar Returns what they are
  and what they do
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Transits and Forecasts Transits and Forecasts
All calculations provide complete and detailed reports. Daily forecast report, transits to composite chart and an overview of the outer planets transits for this year and next. read more
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