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In response to a deterministic life view, humanistic astrology offers a humanistic person-centered approach, in which man becomes the center, the subject of its own destiny, which coincides with the fulfillment of one's potential and uniqueness, in other words, what was imprinted within the person at birth, before the intervention of any environmental conditioning, as his or her most personal and unique essence. Astrology thereby becomes a powerful tool for knowledge and understanding of oneself and others.

Psychological Horoscopes

Pyschological profile of the twelve signs

Birth chart analysis Psychological analysis of your birth chart describing your greatest strengths and weakness and what motivates you. calculate
Composite chart analysis Psychological analysis of the composite chart describing the couple as a separate entity with its own project and needs.
Child's birth chart analysis Psychological analysis of the child's horoscope, a useful tool for parents who wish to gain a better understanding of their child. calculate
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Your zodiac profile, the planets that govern your sign, the element to which you belong, the dark side in your zodiac sign, your personal myth and more ...
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