Dreams analysis Dreams have an inestimable value in each of our lives because they represent a continuous dialogue with the unconscious and with the manifestations of the Self. They are an incomparable heritage that can enhance the individual's potential, creativity and fantasy. A dream is therefore a symbolic expression of the sleeping individual's psychological situation, almost like an x-ray that communicates much information on various levels. However, interpreting dreams is a true art, rather than a technique, and understanding them requires not only a knowledge of their symbolic language but also particular sensitivity to grasp their deep meanings.

Dreams interpretation and articles

Interpretation of Dreams

Augusta Neumann, will interpret each time a selection of the dreams you send us, analysing them from a symbolic, astrological, psychological perspective.
The interpretation of the dreams will be published in the dedicated area that all may join.

Not all dreams will be interpreted, there is no certainty that your dream will be interpreted.

Interpretation od dreams
Articles about dreams
Understanding dreams : the meaning and importance of dreams as a main channel of communication with the deeper aspects of the unconscious Learn more
Dreams interpretation

Dreams interpretation : this area is dedicated to the interpretation of dreams where you can read the psychological interpretation of your dreams Learn more

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