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Scorpio - The Year Ahead
The most important news of your next astrological year concerns Saturn and Jupiter , who will enter together in the fourth field in Aquarius (respectively on December 17th and 19th) and therefore will begin a square to your sign. Until then, of course, both planets will remain in the third field in Capricorn , in harmonic sextile in the third decade. Jupiter will be particularly fast: it...
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After a long passage in Aries , Mars will move into opposition in the seventh field in Taurus from January 6th to March 4th. More or less simultaneously, that is, from January 8 to March 15, Mercury will form a dissonant retrograde phase in the fourth field in Aquarius , where of course Jupiter and Saturn are already passing through. If in the first weeks of these transits you can count on the support of Venus , she too will go to Aquarius from 1 to 25 February. In short , 2021 seems to start with difficulty. Perhaps it will be the domestic and family sphere that will draw your attention, but it is difficult for a nervous period to remain contained in a particular sector. In general you will feel discontented, impatient, overwhelmed by the many responsibilities and worried on various fronts, starting with the economic one. At certain times (especially in February, as we have seen) you may find yourself wondering how much it is worth investing more energy in an emotional relationship or in a collaboration, if it is not better to change something, give a cut to situations that now ask for more than what offer… But most likely it will only be solitary reflections, alternating with possible discussions, even heated ones, with close people. However, such a complex sky does not encourage risky decisions: it is better to wait for them to matur...
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Mars will be in trine in the ninth field in Cancer from April 23 to June 11. It is a Mars not very effective, in a sign that is not congruent with its dynamic, active energy, and especially until the beginning of May you will not be able to express it at its best, because the fast planets will be opposite. However, from 13 May Jupiter moves in trine , Venus adds its own to that of Mars from 2 June, while Mercury forms the retrograde phase eighth field in Gemini . However, it seems a period of progressive relaxation , suitable for bringing order, ideas and also on a practical level, perhaps in family matters. It may be that something is resolved, even on the economic level there could be good news, some relief. Another effective phase will be between July 29 and September 14, with Mars in sextile in the eleventh field in Virgo . Even the fast planets will add their support: Venus , who entered Virgo before Mars , will accompany him until August 16th… and will prolong the effect by entering your sign on September 11th. Mercury instead will transit in Virgo from 11 to 30 August. Those who go on vacation during this period will be able to enjoy them (July, as we have seen, seems complicated), but the resumption of work also seems sustained. In any case, you will be more relaxed, well organized in what to do. There will be ...
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