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Sagittarius - The Year Ahead
As you already know, Jupiter leaves your sign on December 2 and moves to the second field in Capricorn . In theory this is a neutral position, but since it is your planet, no position of yours is underestimated. After more than a year in your sign, probably this Jupiter will be less obvious, less warm, less exciting, but it will help you to realize the projects born in the past m...
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The busiest time of the year will be concentrated in the middle of spring, indeed extended more or less throughout the season despite the ups and downs. In reality, the retrograde phase Mercury , dissonant in the fourth field in Pisces , will start already on February 3rd and will then last until April 11th. The planet will soon begin the retrogradation and therefore until the end of March it will affect the first decade, while from March 27 until April 4 it will transit on Neptune , involving the second with its fast pace again, then the third. In short, it will not be a particularly strenuous dissonance but Mercury in Pisces , joint to Neptune , dissonant and even in the retrograde phase ... it is not very encouraging on the rational level! Be especially careful in the economic or family sphere. Keep in mind that you will be confused even without realizing it, little objective, distracted. The mood and the environment will influence the thoughts, the intuitions and the original ideas will not be missing but will alternate with doubts and perplexities. A new knowledge could influence you. Starting from April 3rd, Venus will be in opposition in the seventh field in Gemini . Until May 13 you will be supported by Mars , but later also Mars will begin a dissonance in the fourth field in Pisces , until June 28; moreover, from May 12 until May...
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2020 starts immediately in acceleration, with Mars in your sign from 3 January to 16 February; in the second part of January you can also count on the sextile of Mercury in the third field in Aquarius . You want to get busy, the ideas are many and bold, original, it is also possible that interesting, proposed occasions arrive. In general you will be authoritative, able to excite your employees and involve your friends in your initiatives. You will also be very busy with your commitments and interests, so you will have to be careful not to neglect your partner. Another effective period concerns the sextile of Mars , in turn in Aquarius from 30 March to 13 May. As we saw in the other paragraph, it is true that Venus will be opposed from 3 April, but from 11 to 27 April Mercury will be in excellent trine in the fifth field in Aries , so it is worthwhile taking advantage of it ... also because from 23 March even Saturn will be in Aquarius and, although in direct transit to the first decade, will contribute to making the energy of the period more constructive. In short, continue to be inspired by daring and motivated projects to carry them forward. Your ambition is growing but it will be useful for you to compare yourself more, not only with colleagues or friends but also with experienced, trustworthy people, someone who ca...
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