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Leo - The Year Ahead
Your next astrological year begins with the slow dissonances that characterized the first months of 2021. In particular, Jupiter returns to the seventh field in Aquarius on July 28 and will remain in opposition to the third decade until December 29. Just Jupiter , faster in this zodiac sector, will have time to occupy three signs: starting precisely from Aquarius , from 29 December to 11...
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Mars will be in square in the fourth field in Scorpio from 30 October to 13 December, flanked by Mercury between 6 and 24 November. There may be some problems to be faced at home, decisions to be made, unpleasant economic arguments between relatives. It is important that you strive to remain lucid, open to an honest confrontation, without letting yourself be influenced by personal bad moods or old frictions, grudges that make you little objective. Even at work there could be disagreements, rivalries, a climate of scarce transparency. As a result, you may be less efficient, distracted by the - more or less realistic - feeling that something is not right or that someone is hindering you. Try to evaluate one thing at a time, especially in legal or financial matters it is better to use your head and keep emotions under control. Mercury will form the first retrograde phase of 2022 in opposition , in the seventh field in Aquarius , where Saturn also transits. However, it will form it in two phases: from 2 to 26 January and then from 15 February to 10 March. It will be a more demanding than rewarding period, during which you will feel like you cannot achieve much, that you are not facilitated by the circumstances, and in any case that you have to sweat every result. From March 6, Mars and Venus will also Aquarius , and especially until the 27th ...
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Mercury will form a retrograde phase in the third field in Libra , in sextile to your sun sign, from August 30th to November 6th, accompanied by Mars from September 14th to October 30th. Furthermore, Venus will have time to participate with a trine in the fifth field in Sagittarius from 7 October to 5 November. Already the phase of late summer but especially that of early autumn will be effective, generous with stimuli and satisfactions. The resumption of work does not seem to weigh on you, on the contrary you will be full of energy and with many ideas to promote! It is a suitable period for initiatives, proposals, exchanges. In the negotiations you will be convincing, determined, sure of yourself but also willing to mediate, to change your opinions to favor a better result. Young people studying or facing job interviews will also be bright and motivated. The couple's relations are more serene, there is a good dialogue and a lot of passion. There should be opportunities for singles to make new acquaintances. The period between full spring and early summer also promises to be lively and more satisfying. In fact, Mars trine in the ninth field in Aries from 24 May to 5 July, while Mercury and Venus will be added with their sextiles in the eleventh field in Gemini , starting from 13 and 23 June respect...
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