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Aquarius - The Year Ahead
Your next astrological year may start a little subdued, but over the months the energy will become more lively, stimulating, proactive ... This does not mean that everything will be fine or easier, but there may be interesting changes and you will be motivated again and more determined, even in the management of difficulties. But let's see what will happen in heaven! Meanwhile,...
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Due to the long retrograde phase , Mars will not form dissonant transits within the astrological year. However, it will pass through your sign from 30 March to 13 May, imparting to your life its self-affirmative strength, its haste and its (occasional) aggression ... and therefore proving proactive but also delicate. Especially at the beginning of the transit (more or less until April 10), it will join Saturn and will also activate the square of Uranus . This means that the energies of renewal will collide with those of conservation, with Mars that should mediate while, as you know, it is certainly not the most diplomatic planet! Be careful at work or especially in the family, because you may feel frustrated, angry, impatient, risking impulsive choices or abrupt, inappropriate behavior. The retrograde phase Mercury , in autumn, will be dissonant instead. The planet will in fact be square in the tenth field in Scorpio from 27 September to 28 October, then again from 11 November to 1 December; Venus will be added from November 22 to December 15. In this case we can literally speak of ups and downs, that is, of a not very effective period during which there could be issues to be reviewed, appointments that skip, negotiations that slow down. It is also possible that you have to deal with discussions of an eco...
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During the passage of Mars in your sign, Venus will begin his long trine in the fifth field in Gemini and therefore, slowly, the risks of too direct energy will be diluted by a greater tolerance and ductility; to the full advantage of agreements, solutions or mediations. As we have seen, Mars will be in conjunct from March 30th to May 13th, while Venus will be in trine from April 3rd to August 7th ... but, within the retrograde phase of Venus , Mars will have time to take a sextile in the third field in Aries on 28 June (then remaining in support for the entire second half of the year). In summary, the most effective periods will probably be from mid-April to mid-May, then the month of July and the first part of August, as well as a dozen days between the end of October and 10 November. Even if these are distant and non-consecutive periods, it is difficult to analyze them separately because they seem connected by internal or external events. In particular, the involvement of Mars and Venus suggests the sentimental or relational sphere: there may be new acquaintances, new loves ... but also crises that are overcome, clarifications that take time to be elaborated and to consolidate in a project relaunch. Couples who want a child will do their best and also in this sense nice surprises are not excluded! For those who are ...
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