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Sagittarius - The Year Ahead
After a last dissonant passage, your Jupiter allows you to end the year in style, definitively ending its dissonance and returning to trine in the fifth field in Aries on December 20th. It will involve the first decade until February 20, the second until April 4 and the third until the end of the transit, May 16: it will therefore be relatively fast but it will help you find and ...
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As we have seen, Mars will return direct on January 12 but will continue its opposition until March 25. Until then, the busiest periods will probably be in the first half of February and March. I am referring to the further dissonances of the fast planets, which probably won't signal serious problems but which are inserted in a context of tiredness, confusion, so a small mishap could be enough to make you react badly, especially at home, in the family. Some moments of greater frustration are possible for natives of the first decan, who will also have to take into account Saturn , which has been dissonant since March 7th. In midsummer, precisely between July 10 and August 27, Mars will then be square in the tenth field in Virgo , while Mercury itself will form a retrograde phase in Virgo from July 28 to October 5. For those on vacation, there may be unexpected events during travel, disappointments in the expectations of the stay or in relation to the company. Perhaps we are talking about modest problems that should be tackled with patience and a spirit of adaptation, not impulsively. After all, Venus will be splendid until October 5th. However, you will be particularly demanding, too critical, so occasionally unpleasant discussions could arise between friends or with your partner. In this regard, temptations cannot be excluded ...
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A good transit of Mars will be trine in the 9th field in Leo , from 20 May to 10 July, flanked by Venus from 5 June. It will be a lively and serene period for all relationships, couples in particular will be able to count on so much passion, complicity, intensity! Those who can, should anticipate their holidays or at least indulge in some outings, some weekend trips, in short, a more rewarding and emotionally generous free time. If you are single, there will be no shortage of encounters and opportunities to experience engaging adventures: great love does not necessarily arrive and perhaps you will not even want to look for it, however a disengaged story could be just as pleasant, if not even more... You will suffer at work the routine but you will give your best in creative and stimulating activities. Always pay attention to economic balances, especially checking excessive personal or family expenses. Mars will then be sextile , in the 11th field in Libra , from August 27 to October 12, followed by the faster Mercury from October 5 to 22. If the return to work, as we have seen, could present some initial difficulties, you will be able to defend precious vacation opportunities, taking advantage of field opportunities for recreation and relaxation to rebalance yourself. In particular, in September Venus ...
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