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Cancer - The Year Ahead
What awaits you is an intense year, characterized by important and varied transits, as well as by some innovations. Jupiter , for example, will touch three signs over the next twelve months and will therefore involve you with different transits. It is currently in dissonance in the first decade in the tenth field in Aries , but between October 28 and December 20 it will ...
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Mercury will form a dissonant retrograde phase in the fourth field in Libra , first from August 26 to September 23, then again from October 11 to 29, accompanied by Venus between September 29 and October 23. Meanwhile, Jupiter will still be in Aries , square the first decade (before suspending it on October 28), so it seems like a complicated, confusing period. It may be that the resumption of daily activities, between home and work, presents unpleasant setbacks, a little stress. It is not to be excluded that you yourself are disorganized, distracted, so each commitment will cost you more than necessary and the results will disappoint your expectations a little. However, it is a period of transition, manageable or in any case bearable with a pinch of patience. At least avoid letting off steam with close people, because you would risk adding to the mood even unpleasant misunderstandings and discussions ... Mercury will always form another retrograde phase in opposition , in the seventh field in Capricorn , from 7 December 2022 to 11 February 2023. Also in this case it will be joined by Venus , between 10 December and 3 January. In the meantime, on December 20, Jupiter will resume its square in Aries and therefore a situation similar to the one described above seems to arise again. It is as if periods of change burden you with urgen...
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Mars inaugurates your new astrological year with an effective sextile in the eleventh field in Taurus , from July 5 to August 20, while Venus will transit in your sign from July 18 to August 12 and Mercury will also come in support, from the third field in Virgo , between 4 and 25 August. In short , a lively, hot, satisfying summer is expected, perfect for those who go on vacation but also effective for those who have to work! In fact, you will be creative, passionate, capable of inventing original leisure initiatives and sharing them with your partner, friends, but also concrete enough to commit yourself where necessary. There will be no lack of results, satisfactions, in general you will be happier with yourself and your life, transmitting this good mood to those around you. The couple's relationship is more intense and complicit, single fascinating and ready to make new acquaintances. Since Mars will then form a long retrograde phase in Gemini , it will only return to involve you in spring 2023. To be precise, it will pass through your sign from March 25 to May 20, followed by Venus from May 7 to June 5, while Mercury will will give a finally harmonious retrograde phase , in sextile in the eleventh field in Taurus from 3 April to 11 June. And let's not forget that from May 16, Jupiter will also enter Taurus ...
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