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Capricorn - The Year Ahead
2020 was a particular year, tiring on many fronts and complex for everyone. For you it could have been a crucial year: sometimes heavy, more often demanding but not stingy with results, albeit sweaty. Your sign has in fact hosted the passages of Jupiter , Saturn and Pluto , which already alone represented a load of opportunities but also of responsibility. Uranus and Nep...
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Mars will be opposite in the seventh field in Cancer from 23 April to 11 June and Venus will partially flank it, and then follow it, passing in turn in Cancer from 2 to 27 June. It is true that the recent retrograde phase Mars in Aries , with six months of square , has probably trained you to patience, so you can manage this somewhat nervous period without too much stress, but some unpleasant moments are to be taken into account. Especially in couple or family relationships there could be discussions, disagreements, misunderstandings; maybe you will be busy at work and have little time to devote to loved ones, or you will appear distracted and a bit abrupt… with consequent complaints. Perhaps a more critical period is expected in autumn. Mercury will in fact form a retrograde phase in the tenth field in Libra and will be dissonant as early as August 30th and until November 5th, while from September 14th to October 30th Mars add its square . In this case it is possible that it is the work sphere that requires commitment. It may be that the recovery after the holidays is complicated by emergencies or unforeseen events, that you have to make uncomfortable decisions or face some problems. It cannot be excluded that you feel a little lonely, not always understood or supported. In fact, even relationships with partners and colleagues will proba...
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As we have seen, Mars finally ends its dissonance on January 6 and until March 4 it will give you its trine in the fifth field in Taurus . It will not be a Mars completely free to show its symbologies of will, courage, passion and purposeful spirit, due to the dissonances from Aquarius (your second field ) which include Mercury in the retrograde phase . Of course you will be more determined, but it is possible that in order to act directly and effectively you have to overcome some obstacles. The greatest difficulties, or in any case the priority issues to be addressed, will perhaps be concentrated on the economic and financial level. So be careful in business, in negotiations, in investments. Jupiter will make a first sextile passage, in the third field in Pisces , from May 13 to July 28. To make the most of it, however, you will have to wait for Mars to end its opposition on 11 June. And after the sextile of Jupiter , that is on July 29th, it will be Mars himself who will offer you a beautiful trine in the ninth field in Virgo , until September 14th. In a certain sense, Jupiter will open the doors to stimulating encounters, to fruitful insights, after which Mars will help you to… move from theory to practice, transforming ideas and projects into concrete facts. Any holidays will be more satisfying if not too adventuro...
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