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Libra - The Year Ahead
Over the course of your astrological new year, there will be two particularly significant celestial changes. The first concerns Pluto , which continues with its well-known slowness a very important change of sign: at the moment, in fact, it is still at the end of Capricorn , but will return to stimulate you with its trine in the fifth field in Aquarius from 20 January 2024 to 2 Septem...
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Mars will be square the fourth field in Capricorn from January 4th to February 13th, accompanied by Mercury (from January 14th to February 5th) and Venus (from January 23rd to February 16th). 2024 therefore seems to be starting off a bit challenging. It is true that slow planets do not involve you, so it is likely to think that these will be contingent problems, not too serious and in any case temporary, however you must not underestimate nervousness and tiredness. In particular, misunderstandings or disagreements could arise in private relationships, with a partner or in the family, but some tension at work cannot be ruled out. Try to remain open to discussion, communicate clearly and behave coherently, so as to avoid sterile controversies or any misunderstandings that could then turn into resentment. Not everything depends on you and you can only do your part, but setting a good example instead of reacting impulsively might be enough. Mercury will form a retrograde phase in opposition in the seventh field in Aries between March 10 and May 15, joined by Venus from April 5 to 29. Mars will follow from April 30th to June 9th. Spring also begins in a somewhat tense, unstable atmosphere, and it will probably be your relationship life that will be affected. The main problem could be the diversity of opinions and above all of needs and...
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Mars will be in sextile in the third field in Sagittarius from November 24th to January 4th, partially flanked by Mercury until December 1st and then again from the 23rd. Meanwhile, Venus will transit through your sign until December 4th and will have time to enter its time in Sagittarius on the 29th. Let's say that the final part of 2023 promises to be quite peaceful, as is the holiday period. There seems to be a nice social movement, with possible work contacts or new acquaintances, which will liven up your existence together with old friends. Even the couple's relationship will enjoy sincere dialogue and the sharing of pleasant experiences, while for singles there will be no shortage of opportunities to meet or have adventures. Especially the days around Christmas or New Year seem perfect for travel and holidays! Mars will always be in trine in the fifth field in Aquarius from February 13th to March 22nd. Mercury will leave its sign on February 23 while Venus will accompany Mars from February 16 to March 11. And let's not forget that Pluto itself will have already entered Aquarius , albeit remaining active only on the first degrees. In short, it is a phase of great creative intensity, in which you will have the opportunity to make decisions, start projects and perhaps make acquaintances that will...
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