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Pisces - The Year Ahead
Start your new astrological year under a sky full of transits and generous with stimuli! All the slow planets involve you and will continue to do so in the coming months. Jupiter , for example, is already transiting in a good sextile in the third field in Taurus : it will involve the second decade until April 13th and the third until May 26th, when a dissonance will begi...
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Mars will be dissonant in the fourth field in Gemini from July 20th to September 4th. Meanwhile, during the retrograde phase , Mercury will be opposite the first decan from July 25th to August 15th, and Venus will also transit in opposition from August 5th to 29th. Be careful because nervousness will be noticeable, perhaps especially in family or couple relationships. It may be that you feel little supported, little appreciated, and that you are looking for understanding without explaining much to yourself... Try to be more open, to confide in each other with greater honesty, avoiding communicating only with sullen silences: those who love you are no longer required to be patient than it should be, and it's not worth risking misunderstandings. The organization of trips or holidays will certainly be appropriate, to prevent disappointments or setbacks. Mercury will form the retrograde phase in square in the tenth field in Sagittarius , from November 2 to January 8. During this passage, it will enter into dissonance with Saturn and Neptune in your sign, as well as with Jupiter now in full transit in the middle of the fourth field . The retrogradation of the slow planets and of Mercury itself (from November 26th to December 15th) signals a phase of uncertainty, including doubts, second thoughts, perplexities or objective difficult...
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Mars transits your sign from March 23 to April 30, joining Saturn and Neptune in the second and third decades respectively. Venus will also be in your sign until April 5th. It promises to be an intense period, perhaps a little tiring but particularly effective in decision-making and operational terms. At work you are ready to start some important initiatives, if you have to make requests you will be able to appear motivated, confident, authoritative, furthermore you will be able to avoid excesses of anxiety by transforming emotional energy into willpower! Physical conditions also improve: spring is perfect for dedicating yourself to physical movement more often, perhaps in cheerful company. Summer will also encourage good mood. Mars will in fact be in sextile in the third field in Taurus from 9 June to 20 July, while Mercury and Venus will give you their trines in the fifth field in Cancer , starting from 17 June and until 2 and 11 July respectively. It seems like a suitable period for any holidays, or in any case to indulge in pleasant entertainment in the company of your partner or friends. Indeed, you will gladly make new acquaintances and, among these, a more important meeting for singles cannot be ruled out... If, however, you are still at work, you will not lack resources of efficiency and determ...
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