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Among the slow planets, those that precisely characterize the general atmosphere of the year, Jupiter draws more attention for its upcoming changes. At the moment, in fact, he is still in the fifth field in Aquarius , in trine to the third decade. It will remain in support until December 29, after which it will move to a neutral position, in the sign of Pisces , but already on May 11 it ...
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As I said before, your Venus will form its own retrograde phase in the fourth field in Capricorn , remaining dissonant from November 5th to March 6th. Within these four months, the heaviest period will perhaps be from January 24 to the end of the transit, when Mars will also be in Capricorn ; or especially from January 26 to February 14, with the further passage of Mercury . The phase between the end and the beginning of the year is always quite nervous at work, but here there seem to be issues to be addressed at home. The climate is confused, there could be setbacks, worries, disagreements. It is also possible that you have to give up a vacation, a planned initiative, resulting in disappointment on the part of your partner or family, or that returning to work is complicated. In any case, perhaps you will have to make some uncomfortable decisions, and you will feel little supported, little understood by loved ones, in short, a little lonely. Obviously, it is not necessarily just a feeling, however talking about it honestly with loved ones will be more appropriate than a sulking silence or, worse, a polemical approach made up of requests, protests and recriminations ... Another nervous period will be between the May 24 and July 5, with Mars in the seventh field in Aries . I remember that from 11 May also Jupiter will be in Aries , opposite...
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Mercury will form a retrograde phase , in trine in the fifth field in Aquarius , in two phases: the first from 2 to 26 January and the second from 15 February to 10 March. In both cases, as we have seen, the period coincides with the dissonance of Venus so not everything will be simple. From December 13th to January 24th, however, Mars will still be sextile in the third field in Sagittarius so the general atmosphere will be less tense. It would be helpful to address certain problems, at work or at home, before they turn into resentments or re-emerge, flare up, later. On 6 March, Venus and Mars Aquarius at the same time, remaining to support you with their trine until 5 and 15 April respectively. Both will join Saturn , now on the third decade, and the result will be very interesting. Your design creativity will in fact be stimulated by reality, even by possible difficulties, and in short, you will strive to find solutions and productive approaches at work, updating tools and methodologies, perhaps setting up new collaborations, new initiatives. Meanwhile, the emotional life will go through an intense, satisfying phase, reinforced by the sharing of experiences and activities; even for singles, a generous period of opportunities is expected, including intriguing adventures and - perhaps - a special encounter. Alrea...
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