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Aquarius - The Year Ahead
Also for your next astrological year the protagonist will be Saturn . Still in your sign, it is already passing through the second decade and will pass through the third from 11 March to 10 September, then it will return to the second until 3 December and definitively on the third until the end of transit (it will enter Pisces on 7 March 2023). Compared to 2021, the difference lies in th...
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Prior to its long trine , Mars will square fourth field in Taurus from July 5th to August 20th. Between July 19 and August 4, the opposition of Mercury in the seventh field in Leo , and it will be a somewhat stressful period for those who are working: unexpected events, complications in shifts, various discussions. Even those on vacation must be careful, organizing any trips well and choosing the company carefully: some unpleasant surprises are in fact possible, so it is better not to improvise. In general, you will be not very patient, irritable, and your habitual openness to dialogue will be put to the test. In particular, the natives of the second decade will perhaps have to manage setbacks, changes, delicate family or domestic issues: Mars will join Uranus around the first of August and the advice is therefore to avoid hazards in sports, in risky activities, as well as in the most important decisions. important, it will be appropriate to reflect well, perhaps accept advice from trusted people. In short, considering that Mars will soon return to support, it is worth checking impulsiveness and, as they say, keeping a low profile ... Another uncertain period will be in autumn, when the fast planets will join the Sun in square in the tenth field in Scorpio : Venus from October 23 to November 16, Mercury from October 29 to November 17. The...
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Mars will pass through your sign from March 6 to April 15, accompanied by Venus until April 5. It will therefore be a lively, stimulating period, with a good psychophysical energy. Relationships between couples will be warmed by passion, sharing, common planning. Probably for singles there will be opportunities to make new acquaintances but, given the participation of Saturn , the loves that will be born should not be simple adventures but have solid foundations to grow and last. Always Mars will give you a sextile from the third field in Aries , between May 24th and July 5th. In its own home, the planet of the will will be particularly strong, even more so because it will be flanked by Jupiter , already in the first decade of May 11th. For the work it could be a moment of expansion, especially from June 14th there will be an interesting movement of ideas, projects, contacts, various proposals. And you will be able to enjoy a fun social life, some pleasant outings, sharing interests, friendships, as well as a more open and sincere dialogue with your partner. Also starting from mid-June, the chances of success seem excellent for those who study, for young people who have to take exams or job interviews. Within the long trine of Mars in the fifth field in Gemini (from August 20 ...
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