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Your next astrological year has different characteristics and seems to be divided into two parts, between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Mars , for example, thanks to its long retrograde phase will be in splendid trine until January 6, accompanying the next few months with its full of will, determination, passion, audacity, initiative! It is important to manage it better, bec...
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Mercury will form a retrograde phase in the fourth field in Scorpio , remaining in square from 27 September to 1 December. Or rather, between October 28 and November 10 he will return to Libra with the retrograde motion, then he will return to Scorpio and Venus will follow him from November 21 to December 15. These are not particularly heavy transits, but they could still be annoying in the emotional sphere. Considering that shortly after Saturn and Jupiter will begin their oppositions, it will be important not to underestimate any frictions in the family or with the partner, trying to understand the deep reasons beyond the triggering causes, possibly trivial. Also on the economic level it will be appropriate to pay attention: the end of the year is typical of the budgets and you will be able to realize the need to accept some cuts, some sacrifices, perhaps by downsizing an initiative and in any case avoiding venturing into expensive and unclear projects. After his long trine , Mars will be dissonant in the tenth field in Taurus from January 6 to March 4, 2021. Between January 8 and March 15, the opposition of Mercury , always in retrograde phase , in the seventh field in Aquarius , and Venus will also pass through Aquarius from 1 to 25 February. Considering Saturn and Jupiter , in turn already opposed to the beginning of Aquarius , as we...
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After the first difficult months, 2021 recovers with a very effective phase between spring and summer. In particular, Mars will be in good sextile eleventh Gemini field from March 4 to April 23. Considering that Mercury will end its opposition on March 15 and that Venus will be in trine in the ninth field in Aries from March 21 to April 14, the most intense and profitable period will be just the beginning of spring, when you will really feel pervaded by an energy recovery, recovery, recovery! New knowledge and new projects will allow you to find enthusiasm and confidence in yourself, without excluding the possibility that new loves may arise ... And it's not over. Mercury will return a valid ally between May 4 and July 11, with its Gemini retrograde phase , to which Venus will be added from May 9 to June 2, while Mars will transit in your sign already from June 11 and until July 29. Now that you think! And you will reason even better because Jupiter , from 13 May to 28 July, will suspend his opposition , making it much easier for you to become optimistic, more confident and decisive. The design charge will always be very intense but with the help of Mars you can also act in the facts, promoting those changes that had long matured, between fears and obstacles. Of course, Saturn and Uranus will continue to quarrel an...
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