Leo - Yearly forecasts - The year ahead

                                                                                               by Sandra Zagatti

Your new astrological year begins with Jupiter in trine in the ninth field in Aries . At the moment he is still in the first decade and has begun the retrogradation that will lead him to re-enter Pisces between October 28th and December 20th; then it will definitively return to Aries and will give its trine to the first decade until February 20, to the second until April 4, to the third until May 16. Later, it will enter the tenth field in Taurus and, within the astrological year (precisely until July 5, 2023), it will involve only the first decade with its dissonance.

Meanwhile, Saturn in the seventh field in Aquarius continues its opposition to the third decade until 10 September; then it will ...

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