Sagittarius - Yearly forecasts - The year ahead

                                                                                               by Sandra Zagatti

The protagonist of the next astrological year will be your guide planet, Jupiter , which will change sign relatively quickly and therefore will stimulate you with different transits. In Aquarius until December 29, it will subsequently form a dissonance in the fourth field in Pisces : to be precise, it will square the first decade until February 12, 2022, the second until March 26 and the third until May 11. Then he will become a friend again, with a splendid trine in the fifth field in Aries that will give especially to the first decade: due retrograde phase , the retrogradation will in fact begin at the end of July and will return to Pisces , on the third decade, from 28 October to 20 December. , when it will definitely return to Aries . < ...

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