Sagittarius - Yearly forecasts - The year ahead

                                                                                               by Sandra Zagatti

Your next astrological year promises to be interesting and gives you an important news right away. Among the slow planets, in fact, in this 2020 you have been involved only by Neptune , dissonant, while now Jupiter and Saturn will carry themselves in lively sextile in the third field in Aquarius . The first will be Saturn , on December 17th. Initially faster (relatively speaking) it will remain in aspect to the first decade until March 16, 2021, then to the second one until August 4 and finally it will return to involve the first. Jupiter , your guiding planet, will instead enter Aquarius on December 19th and will affect the first decade until January 31st, the second until March 16th, the third until May 13th; at that point it will make a ...

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