What do we look at in this section? Twelve symbolic fields, twelve different seasonal distinctions, twelve ways of being/ loving/ hating/ thinking/ acting, twelve ways of “making a mark”: basically the 12 zodiac signs! Despite that fact that astrology shows us that no two individuals are the same (even with the same sign, place, age and social conditions), it cannot be denied that we frequently happen to meet imaginative but indolent Cancerians, greedy and possessive Taureans, seductive and convoluted Scorpions, courageous but intransigent Leoneans. Because the sign in which the sun is located at the moment of our birth in some way forms the essential centre of our ego, on which the variables of the ascendant and the other planets of our birth chart  will also have an influence, as well as the obvious inputs from the external world.
We will now have fun seeing ourselves reflected in our signs, with a pinch of irony (and self-mockery), like kids in the fairground hall of mirrors...

And now ... do it!

Whether you call it penis, male member or phallus, the meaning does not change, but considerable variations can be counted among the different phalli. Which is your Mars sign? I mean, what kind of phallus do you have, or what is your ideal phallus? The answers to these disturbing questions are the following! read more

Just the way you want her to be, or rather : is she the woman for you?

A saint or a whore? Reserved or enterprising? A housewife or a career woman? Beautiful or intelligent? Witty or reserved? Or a mix of different characteristics? Every man has an "ideal woman" in his dreams. Twelve female typologies, twelve portraits of women under the magnifying glass of Astrology read more

Tomorrow (maybe) is another day!

In the twelve zodiacal types - according to the ruling planet - the fear of the future may prevail over the belief that everything will be fine, or,  on the contrary, self-confidence and the confidence in life mayl prevail over the fear that there are no practicable solutions. Let's go and find out, sign by sign.read more

If I catch you Iíll destroy you!

The modern meaning of the term implies a good, "defensive" aggressiveness, which is the ability of an individual to react to a negative stimulus directed against him. But there also exists a hostile, bad, "offensive", violent aggressiveness, aimed at attacking other people. read more

Mirror, mirror on the wall Ö

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” This is what narcissists ask themselves all the time, above all in today's society that worships the Goddess of Appearance and beauty. Are we all influnced by that to some degree? We are, inevitably, but with remarkable differences from sign to sign. read more

Which is your lost Planet?

We know that each sign has three ruling planets. According to the astrology by Lisa Morpurgo, in each sign there is also the "transparency" of a fourth planet, this "secret" planet influences our intimate nature and some of our behaviour patterns, explaining attitudes, qualities and faults ... read more

What a fright Ö!

Fears, worries, phobias:  everyone has some. Of course, a lot depends on our life experiences or on the particular moment we are going through, but also on the planet that rules the sign we were born under, which represents our intimate nature. But let's have a close look at our “fears”, sign by sign read more

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

Sooner or later we all find out that neither the soul mate nor the perfect partner exist, and at our own expense ... So we may as well resign ourselves: you have to give something up! Astrology can help us discover the vices and virtues of each of them ... So, what kind of man do you want ? read more

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