Tomorrow (maybe) is another day!

In terms of optimism and confidence even proverbs are divided: some of them warn you against the danger of thinking positively ("to trust is good, not to trust is better" or "he that lives upon hope will die fasting"), while others praise positive thinking ("Heaven helps the happy” but also "God sends cold after clothes"), to mention just a few examples. And this is a topical issue nowadays more than ever before, when economic recession, rampant unemployment, resources increasingly running out, climate change and political and social unrest seem to foreshadow a quite worrying scenario. In the twelve zodiac types too – according to the ruling Planet – the fear of the future may prevail over the belief that everything will be fine, or, on the contrary, self-confidence and confidence in life may prevail over the fear that there are no practicable solutions. Let's go and find out, Sign by Sign.

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