Zodiac Sign Gemini

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Gemini - The Little Rogue

Is the one who inevitably finds his way into your heart the nice, brilliant and enterprising man who can take centre stage in any situation with jokes, allusive phrases and parlour games? The kind of man who courts every woman and gives in to none, joyfully fluttering about from flower to flower? The eternal boy who is lively and unpredictable and makes you feel like a teenager again? A Peter Pan with a thousand resources and loads of interests, one who is cunning, smart, cheeky and a liar, but irresistibly seductive? Then a Gemini is what you want.
It is not easy to win their heart, but you may succeed if you give him the impression that you are neither so amused nor so fascinated by him, if you avoid chasing after him, if you don't only pretend to be cheerfully indifferent when he fools around with your friends, but rather, you make sheep eyes at someone else, and if you look more curious, dynamic and fashionable than him.
Near such a man, you will certainly never experience moments of boredom and you will rediscover that life is also a game, mental communication and a triumph of the unexpected, but remember that: he is very intriguing, but when he gets to the point he is not so passionate; he generally takes on one hundred things and finishes none; he hates mawkish sentimentality and people breathing down his neck; his inborn appeal is only equal to his unreliability; he is incurably unfaithful; he continually needs new stimuli not to get bored, even with you…!

Zodiac sign Gemini
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