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Numerology can help us understand ourselves and others better and is considered a valid support to astrology, in that it provides through a very quick method, a description of a complete personality profile of a person, strenghts, weaknesses, potentials and talents. Aside from this, numerology is able to define the evolutionary path of an individual and provide valuable clues about the potentials on which is better to work and which are the behaviour patterns that can hinder psychological and spiritual growth.

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Universal numbers

The meaning of universal numbers

The meaning of the numbers from 1 to 9 including the master numbers 11, 22 and 33. Each number symbolises a different vibration. learn more
Destiny number

The destiny number

This indicates the intimate goal of our existence, in other words, “why” we have come into the world and what we are meant to accomplish. calculate
Birth number

The date of birth

This number provides a personality profile and helps us understand which aspects of our personality it would be better to improve and develop. calculate

Heart's desire number

The heart's desire number

This number describes individual values, innermost desires and intimate motivations and the ways we establish our priorities. calculate

Birthpath number

Your birthpath

This number is obtained by adding the numbers that compose the date of birth and outlines your qualities and attitude towards the world. calculate



The 4 pinnacles are connected to the four most important stages of life. These 4 numbers describe the type of experiences that a person will face. calculate
Personality number

The personality number

The personality number shows how others see us, presenting the character traits that the people close to us see in us.



The 4 challenges are connected to the four most important stages of life. These 4 numbers describe the type of challenges that the person will face. calculate

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Karmic numbers The meaning of the karmic numbers
The numbers 13, 14 , 16 and 19 have a karmic value, in other words they have an influence deriving from tendencies that were in disharmony or unbalanced in a previous life. learn more

First letter number    First letter of your name
The meaning of the first
letter of your name
Firts vowel number   First vowel of your name
The meaning of the first     vowel of your name
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