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Section dedicated to Karmic Astrology

This section is entirely dedicated to karmic and evolutionary astrology, which focuses on the soul's evolutionary path and the karmic patterns developed in the past lives which need to be overcome. In this section you can read your karmic horoscope, calculate the position of the north and south lunar node, the position of Karma, Dharma and Chiron and read the interpretation of Karma and Dharma and of Chiron in the astrological houses. This section also provides various articles on karmic astrology edited by Paolo Crimaldi.

  Karmic Horoscope
  By Paolo Crimaldi

Read the monthly karmic horoscope.
A karmic reading of your monthly transits.

Calculate Chiron

Chiron in the birth chart

Discover the house in which Chiron is located and its meaning. Chiron allows us to contact our ancient wounds that completely affect your existence most of the time. calculate
Calculate Moon's Nodes

Lunar Nodes and Karma

Discover the zodiac sign and house placements for the north and south Moon's nodes. For karmic astrology these indicate the evolutionary journey you must accomplish during this life. calculate
Calculate Part of Karma

Part of Karma

The part of karma in the birth chart indicates the behaviours learned in previous lives from which we are still not detached because they have generated “karma”.

Calculate Part of Dharma

Part of Dharma

The part of Dharma in the birth chart provides us with the key for overcoming karma and indicates the true evolutionary journey that soul has chosen prior this incarnation.
Nodo Lunare in transito Case

Lunar Nodes in houses

The transiting Lunar Node in natal houses is very important because force us to confront with what is unresolved and blocked in our psyche an requires a work of awareness.
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Nodo Lunare in transito Pianeti

Lunar Nodes and planets

The transit of the Lunar Node in aspect to a personal planet carries one new awareness about a different way of experiencing the energy of that planet.
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  Section dedicated to
 articles on Karmic
Astrology edited by  
  Paolo Crimaldi

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  Chiron and its journey
  from Karma to Dharma
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  The karmic meaning of the
  Moon in the birth chart
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  The planet Saturn
  Master of Karma
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  Transits of Lunar Nodes
  and destinic events
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  The transit of Lunar Nodes
  in the natal houses
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Karmic numbers The meaning of the karmic numbers
The numbers 13, 14 , 16 and 19 have a karmic value, in other words they have an influence deriving from tendencies that were in disharmony or unbalanced in a previous life. learn more

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Meaning of the nodes
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