The karmic meaning of the Moon

Edited by Paolo Crimaldi

The moon in the natal chart usually represents the motherly figure and more in general childhood and feelings, but it is hardly associated to the memory, the past, with all the emotional memories that often leave an indelible trace in our existence.
Therefore it comes quite naturally to think of this celestial body as being an able "archivist" of ours karma, a kind of container of the memories not only of this life, but also of the preceding ones that it still currently, in part, influence our behaviour, and more in general our existence, especially in respect of relationships.

The Moon in a specific way, at a karmic level, presides over all the experiences that we have accumulated in previous lives which had a strong the emotional impact. Or rather it is probable that the position of the Moon in the signs and in the houses could indicate the type of emotional experience that has been more determinant and strong in our past life and especially the sensation that it has left with which today we are forced to deal with.
Generally, in presence of harmonic aspects (trines, sextiles and some conjunctions) it is about relating to positive and serene experiences or for which karmic regeneration work has already been carried out and therefore in the present life big problems should not be present in the stability of the familiar nucleus. Moreover, it is possible that it is the family of origin which provides support and an excellent initial base to be able to try a series of things significantly favour our personal and spiritual realisation.

If there are dissonant aspects (squaring and opposition) it is very probable that the preceding lives have been lived without taking into account the needs and the sensitiveness of those close to them and above all believed in them, and trusted them, so much so as to even abandon their own independence. Our superficiality or irresponsibility with regard to interpersonal relationships we had in previous lives, could change n this one with an excessive load of family responsibilities, or a quite difficult and complex relationship with the motherly figure or with our own family of origin, so much so to also flow into the serene creation of our own domestic nucleus or simply into an emotional background deeply involved with our partner and sometimes also with the children.

Clearly always being completely in movement, there is also nothing in the zodiac that is defined in absolute terms. Generally, to work to get rid of the karma of our past existence begins around 28-30 years of age, in coincidence with the passage of Saturn in transit on our birthday and it is concluded towards 40-42 years of age when the Uranus transit is opposed against its natal position and sanctions our definitive entry in the second part of life, that one in which one is more free from the conditionings of the past (of this one, or our past existence) and more ready to carrying on with whatever we have decided to realise in our current incarnation.

But to help to unblock the Karmic conditionings relative to the lunar - emotional problems there the transits of Chiron are also very important, which is a little celestial body which discuss in a later article, which it teaches us to cure our emotional wounds, to grow-ups and especially to be able to forgive others but also and especially ourselves, since sometimes some karmic conditionings remain such for our entire life simply in order to ensure that we do not allow ourselves forgiveness and so we remain in a painful emotional closure that does not lead us to realise what our new existential mission is.

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