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Astrology articlesOur aim is to bring modern astrology to a wider audience. If you are interested in getting to know this wonderful and fascinating discipline, your journey can begin here. We aim to provide astrology articles that are neither just for experts nor reduce the subject to simply an amusing and mysterious game. Astrology speaks to us through the language of symbols, a universal language that we can all understand because it belongs to us. Everyone knows that Mars is the god of war and Venus is the goddess of love, but perhaps not everyone knows that these gods have a real power over us and our lives.


The different approaches to Astrology

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Karmic Astrology

Astrology online does not represent a particular school of thought, but rather offers the best from the different approaches. You can choose the one that is more in tune with your values and vision.

You will therefore find a variety of sections, starting with Humanistic Astrology, with a more psychological approach, whose main authors include Liz Greene, Robert Hand and Howard Sasportas and which is the inspiration behind the horoscopes by Sandra Zagatti, the writings of Augusta Neumann and the psychological profiles by Lidia Fassio.
Then there is Traditional and Predictive Astrology, whose leading figure is the French astrologer Andrè Barbault, and especially Active Astrology, a school founded by Ciro Discepolo, which is a development of the traditional astrology and a reference point for individual predictive astrology.
There is also Karmic and Esoteric Astrology, which give importance to the evolutionary aspect and whose leading authors are Dane Rudhyard and Stephen Arroyo. It is also the inspiration behind the karmic section by Paolo Crimaldi.
Finally, Morpurghian Astrology, a school founded by Lisa Morpurgo that provides the inspiration for the section by Franca Mazzei and the writings of Francesco Astore.
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