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All calculations have been developed by our team of engineers. Our database contains 200,000 locations around the world and you don't need to know if daylight saving time was in effect at the time of your birth. Our calculations solve this for you by automatically choosing the correct Time Zone. Comprehensive and detailed reports are provided and can be saved in pdf format. Use My Astro to save your birth data. We suggest to update your browser and we reccomended Chrome.
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Calculate Ascendant

Calculate your Rising Sign

The Ascendant corresponds to the cusp of the first house of your birth chart and indicates the zodiacal sign that was rising at the time of your birth. calculate
Transits charts & reports

Transits charts and reports

Section dedicated to Astrology forecasts and transits : transit chart, daily transits, yearly transits and transits to composite chart. learn more
Calculate natal chart

Calculate your Birth Chart

The Birth Chart, also called Natal Chart, shows the positions of the planets at the moment of your birth and in the place where you were born in. calculate
Active Astrology

Relocating the Solar Return

Section dedicated to Solar Returns an Locational Astrology. Calculate and get your Solar return and Lunar return reports. learn more
Calculate relationship chart

Calculate Synastry Chart

The Synastry or Relationship Horoscope is very useful to those couples who want to know their affinity and the weak points of their relationship. calculate
Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology

Section dedicated to Evolutionary and Karmic Astrology, interpretation of Chiron, part of Karma and the Moon's nodes in your natal chart. learn more
Dominant Planet

Your Dominant Planets

Discover your dominant planets, that is the planetary typology you are most in tune with and the compatibility with other planetary dominants. calculate

Love compatibility

Relationship Compatibility

Compatibility between your birth chart and that of your partner. The calculation returns a score based on aspects that planets form to each other.calculate
Astro Talent

Astro Talent

Find out the talents you have, the ambitions you cultivate and how to direct them towards a successful career.


The first astrological profile dedicated to our four-legged friends. A journey to discover your furry friend.

   Interpreting the Birth Chart

   The four Elements

   The Zodiac Signs

   The Twelve Houses

   The Planets

   The Astrological Aspects

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Psychological reports Astrological Ephemeris
Find out the position of planets and their meaning. You can calculate the planet's position at a chosen time between years 1400 and 2050.
learn more
Psycological Reports

Personal, relationship
and child horoscope

 Yearly horoscope
forecasts by sign                read more  
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