How to interpret the Natal Chart

Building your natal chart by yourself instead of simply watching and reading what is already written, is very important. Everything, every component of astrology, is a symbol, the planets, zodiac signs, elements, astrological houses, astrological aspects, everything.

In the time we spend looking at which zodiac sign and astrological houses should contain our planets, such as, our Moon or out Sun, in some subtle way we come into contact with the Moon and the Sun as symbols, for example, with the soft and deep darkness of the sky when lighted by the moon or the bright luminosity that shines when the sun is out, or we can vaguely hear the magical mystery of the first and the bright clarity of the second, and more. Nothing more, but that is enough to open a gate, a gateway to the world of our imagination, inhabited by such universal symbols and images that speak the same language to all men, but they also say a few words to each of us that only mean something to us, are only important to us.

Opening ourselves to listening to these " words " means to begin to empathize with our chart. Nothing will happen at the beginning, we will not notice anything, but if we give a little 'space and time to our Moon or Mars to our to be heard, certainly something inside of us will move, and slowly or suddenly, come to light. So, what can I tell you, finding our and knowing who we really are beyond all the influences of which we are heavily coated, is the only way that allows us to discover what we really want, what really makes us feel good, what we really need and, ultimately, what is the best possible life for us. Below you will find information on how to interpret your natal chart. The descriptions of the various astrological elements are open and general, but that is how it should be, because this is the only way the meanings these symbols have for you, and only for you, can emerge.


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