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was created in 2002 by a close-knit team of astrologers, software engineers and web consultants with the purpose to create a point of reference in Italy for people who love quality astrology. Anyone who wants to learn this wonderful and fascinating discipline can begin his journey here. Astrology online  is open to everyone, amateurs, professional astrologers and convinced skeptics. Our strong points are simplicity, immediacy and free accessibility to horoscopes, interpretive reports, charts and astrological calculations.



  Augusta Neumann

  Ciro Discepolo

  Corrado Nieli

  Cristina Caretta

  Daniela Grazioli

  Franca Mazzei

  Francesco Astore

  Gianfranco Casalis

  Giovanni Pelosini

  Lidia Fassio

  Marta Aimonetti

  Paolo Crimaldi

  Rosanna Sotgiu

  Sandra Zagatti
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Our goal is to give you a window on the italian and foreign astrological landscape. Astrology online does not identifies with a particular school of thought but brings together the best of different schools, you will choose the one most in tune with your values and vision.

So you will find different branches of Astrology starting from Psychological Astrology whose main authors are Liz Greene, Robert Hand and Howard Sasportas and which is inspired by the horoscopes of Sandra Zagatti, the writings of Augusta Neumann and the psychological reports of Lidia Fassio.
Predictive Astrology  whose main author is the French astrologer Andre Barbault and the Active Astrology, school founded by Ciro Discepolo, evolution of the classical predictive astrology and point of reference for individual astrology forecasting.
Karmic and Esoteric Astrology which enhances the evolutive aspect of the Astrology whose main authors are Dane Rudhyard, Stephen Arroyo and which is inspired by the Karmic section edited by Paolo Crimaldi.
Astrology Morpurghiana, school founded by Lisa Morpurgo which is inspired by the section edited by Franca Mazzei and the writings of Francesco Astore.


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