Karmic Horoscope December

In the monthly karmic horoscope more importance is given to the transits of Saturn, the Moon's node and Chiron, above all on the points of the birth chart which karmic astrology considers particularly important, such as the Moon's nodal axis. Clearly, since everything is in movement, even in the zodiac nothing is absolutely definitive. The transits, in fact, serve the purpose of freeing us from the karma of our past lives. This path begins at around 28-30 years of age, coinciding with the return of transiting Saturn to its natal position and comes to completion towards 40-42 years of age, when transiting Uranus opposes its natal position and marks the definitive entry into the second part of life, in which we have greater freedom from past conditioning (both from the present and previous lives) and are more disposed to carry out what we decided to realise in the moment of our present incarnation.

The karmic horoscope is by Paolo Crimaldi

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