Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

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Love is certainly in the foreground, in all its nuances and possible declinations.
For many of you it is time to let yourself be known by those who have long been observing, just as it is very likely that you will find yourself, even in spite of yourself, at the center of situations in which you will be particularly appreciated and courted.
In short, you should pleasantly disentangle yourself in the forest of emotional ties, passions, adventures, simple acquaintances, even friends, and in all of them you will always be particularly considered and sought after.
attention can make you uncomfortable and create some anxiety, but all in all, however, you will find that it will be possible to exercise a strong seductive power and entering a fulfilling relationship will not be difficult at all.
For some of you there will be the opportunity of a meeting made in a completely out of the ordinary and absolutely unexpected way, perhaps with whom you would never have considered.
The days 19 and 20 and 28 and 29 are the ones most favorable to the emotional life and if you feel predisposed to commit yourself to a long-term relationship, which stabilizes your existence, then this December is the ideal month to be able to do it. take off.
Remember that it is important to follow your heart by letting yourself be guided by the intuition that never as in this month is well supported by reason, which certainly will not lead you to make mistakes and make risky or self-destructive choices.
Professionally, the second part of the month will give you the opportunity to see a lot of things materialized that seemed to remain pending for a long time and the possibility of seeing your finances flourish again, which will certainly give you the opportunity to planning new challenges in field workplace especially starting from next spring.

Key word : optimism

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