Weekly Horoscope of 29/11/2021 - 05/12/2021

Automated translation from Astrologiainlinea

The Moon transits in your sign between Wednesday and Friday, supporting you together with Mars and Venus in an interesting week. Despite so many things to do, you are in shape and above all more optimistic, indeed determined to get busy. But try to follow a list of priorities or urgencies, planning the days methodically; so you will have plenty of energy left to enjoy your free time in the company of loved ones. It is not excluded that you must also take care of budgets or economic, domestic matters: if you already have to meet the usual end-of-year deadlines, avoid being too bold in pre-Christmas shopping. Efficiency will leave more and more room for a romantic and creative mood, which you can enjoy and share on the weekend. There is passion and greater complicity in the couple relationship. If there have been any disagreements or misunderstandings, clarify and look forward. It is important to recover or reinforce the awareness of your affections; and the resulting gratitude.

by Sandra Zagatti


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