Monthly Horoscope
 from 22 November to 22 December

1st decan   October 23 - November 2
2nd decan   November 3 - 12
3rd decan   November 13 - 22

by Sandra Zagatti

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Resources of the month
At the beginning of the astrological month, Mars is still in your sign and will remain in conjunct until December 13th. Also on December 13, Mercury will sextile into the third field in Capricorn Venus is already passing through. Indeed, Venus is approaching the retrograde phase and will begin retrograding on December 19th. As for the slow planets, there are no substantial changes: Saturn in the fourth field in Aquarius is in square with the first decade until December 13 (later it will pass on the second); Uranus in the seventh field in Taurus is in opposition to the second decade; the third decade is instead involved by the sextile of Pluto in Capricorn , by the square of Jupiter in Aquarius and by the trine of Neptune in Pisces . Although supported by fast transits, some uncertain days are possible: for example 25 and 26 November, 2, 3, 8, 9, 14 and 15 December. The best days will instead be 22, 23, 27 and 28 November, 6, 10 and 11 December.

Work in progress

As I have had the opportunity to write on other occasions, at the end of December Jupiter will finish its square and take itself into a trine ; moreover, Saturn and Uranus will form the third and last square aspect of the year and subsequently, while remaining dissonant with your solar sign, they will free themselves from this mutual conflict. The prospects for 2022 are therefore encouraging but, in the meantime, this month already offers valid support and interesting opportunities. Mars in the sign until December 13th, Mercury in sextile from the same day, Venus always in support and also in alliance with your Pluto : they are really strong configurations but also varied and stimulating! There is no lack of passion, nor will there be no lack of intense emotions that you love to nourish yourself, however they will be contained and conveyed by a solid basis of rationality, lucidity, concreteness. In short, you can count on a greater balance, without risking stasis or rigidity, rather transforming it into an opportunity for creative development as well as growth on the inner plane or on the more visible, practical, objective one. Of course, this does not mean that everything will be easier, and slow transits confirm this: various matters attract your attention and require commitment. Different tasks depending on the case, but in general it seems that there are still, as they say ... work in progress. The crucial point, and the difference from the first part of the year, is that you are now able to lead these jobs. More sure of yourself, you have clear ideas about the goals to be achieved and also about the ways and means necessary to achieve them.

Selective but objective
Judging by the sectors occupied by slow transits, you may be worried about some decisions to be made. In particular, for some, discussions with partners, former spouses or relatives, of an economic, legal, patrimonial nature are not to be excluded. For others it may be a matter of choices linked to the house, to any children… In short, a delicate and treacherous terrain in which to move. But in this period you are less influenced by emotionality, more objective in your judgments and more convincing in your attitude: you could find solutions, perhaps a realistic, sustainable compromise, so as to ease tensions and avoid aftermath of resentment or recrimination. In couple relationships, however, things seem to go well, at least in general there is a reassuring stability, supported by dialogue and sharing: both the management of daily problems and the planning of the future strengthen the bond. In terms of friendships, collaborations or acquaintances in general, you are more selective: new encounters could in fact replace relationships that no longer convince you. Even if you are single, you will experience the new acquaintances with the right involvement, motivated by the desire to be serious and not just to enjoy some disengaged flirting. A little agitation at work is to be taken into account: some of you are tired of your business or job, and maybe you are thinking of doing something else, of dedicating yourself to something more interesting or stimulating. Here too, however, you will be able to keep impulsiveness under control and evaluate proposals, opportunities and any alternatives with the necessary clarity.

First decade
While Saturn finishes its square , Mercury from 13 to 20 December will give you its sextile . Of course, in just one week you will not be able to do the impossible, however you can take advantage of it to better manage some important discussions or negotiations, to clarify a misunderstanding, to think about certain choices to be made. Possible useful contacts at work.

Second decade
Mars will be conjoined until November 29, Venus in sextile until 30. Just these last days of the month seem effective on the relational level, because passion will join the responsibility to consolidate a relationship, to recover harmony and revive common motivations. The stories that arise now are important, perhaps not easy but not ephemeral either.

Third decade
The conjunct of Mars will involve you from November 29th to December 13th, while Venus begins the retrograde phase and therefore will be in sextile from November 30th to January 6th! Even if Jupiter is a bit temperamental, you have the additional support of Neptune and Pluto , confirming an intense and fruitful time. Heart is beating fast, some of you are ready to take important steps.

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