Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

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Take advantage of the first part of the month when Mars still in trine from the sign of Scorpio brings energy and desire to do, but above all a great erotic-passionate charge that can be addressed not only in field strictly affective field but also in the professional one.
In fact, you could take advantage of this beginning of December to launch new projects, to make yourself known under a different profile from what they are usually inclined to consider of you.
Moreover some time Uranus invites you to implement the changes, even deep in the way you appear and offer to others, as there is in you greater awareness and self-esteem of what you are and are worth. Furthermore, proposing yourself in a different way, certainly more resolute, will only favor the entry of Jupiter into your sign on the 29th, opening you up to almost a year of consolidation, successes and anything else that may be useful for your personal fulfillment. However, all this will be possible only if there have been changes upstream, if you have had the opportunity and courage to get out of the comfort zone that is such only in your eyes and not even so much.
In love there is the real possibility, given the sextile of Venus from Capricorn , of being able to stabilize a relationship that seemed not to give you the answers and certainties you were asking for, just as it is possible to come across a knowledge destined to transform itself in a short time into a stable and above all fulfilling relationship in the round.
The best days to meet are those between 1 and 2, 10 and 11 and 19 and 20. Take advantage of them because these are truly fantastic occasions that can make a decisive change in your relationship life . Clearly these are also fantastic days to spend time with your partner or to make new friends that will immediately drag you into an extremely satisfying relational dimension. Above all, don't be afraid to show yourself for who you are because authenticity will be your trump card.

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