Monthly Horoscope
 from 22 November to 22 December

1st decan   February 20 - March 1
2nd decan   March 2 - 10
3rd decan   March 11 - 20

by Sandra Zagatti

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Fluctuating transits
The Sun transits in square in the tenth field in Sagittarius , where it meets the Moon on December 4th. Mercury transits into Sagittarius between November 24 and December 13, while Mars continues its trine in the ninth field in Scorpio . Conversely, from 13 December it will be Mars to move to Sagittarius , while Mercury reach Venus in good sextile eleventh field in Capricorn . In short, the dissonant transits are flanked or replaced by harmonic ones, with a slightly fluctuating but also generous result of stimuli. On the other hand, you are well supported by the slow planets: the sextile of Uranus in the third field in Taurus for the second decade, the sextile of Pluto in Capricorn and the conjunct of Neptune for the third. A little bit of uncertainty or nervousness will be possible on 27 and 28 November, 4, 10, 11, 17 and 18 December. The best days will instead be 25, 29 and 30 November, 9, 12 and 13 December.

An emotional support

It is a somewhat tiring period and, with Mercury and Mars alternating in their harmonic and dissonant transits, there is the risk of making mistakes, of judgment or behavior. Let's say that, until December 13, the trine of Mars encourages you to act but the square of Mercury confuses ideas, motivations, purposes; later and vice versa, the sextile of Mercury allows you to recover a more lucid project overview but the square of Mars signals difficulties, setbacks, impulsive decisions or improvised actions. Of course, we can also see harmonic transits as occasions to prevent or remedy any excesses or defects due to dissonant transits. The trine of Mars gives you a good nose, so it cannot be excluded that intuition can guide you better than an uncertain rationality, just as the sextile of Mercury will be able to give you the concreteness and efficiency necessary to consolidate the results achieved. In short, there is a sort of mismatch between thought and action, between reason and instinct, but this does not mean that things are going badly, on the contrary; however, to make them go well, you will need to be aware of the resources available and the risks mentioned above, finding a balance or at least seeking an integration between the various transits in progress. On the other hand, there is a transit of support, precious in itself and even more so because it is stable throughout the month. I am referring to the sextile of Venus , which hints at an important emotional support, which you can draw on to regenerate, confide in, discuss, above all to share - honestly - doubts and hopes.

Sharing and adaptation
The end-of-year period is often characterized by an atmosphere of urgency, but adding unrest won't help you manage things better. If anything, you could waste mental and emotional energies uselessly, doing something wrong and in any case doing little. As I wrote above, instinct guides you well, however it will not always be easy to recognize it among other contradictory sensations: haste, anxiety, fear, sometimes overconfidence or, vice versa, indecision. Obviously a lot will also depend on the specific circumstances, on your activity or on the roles you cover, in any case it will be very useful to share hardships and responsibilities with collaborators, or at least to compare yourself with them. In fact, exchanging ideas will allow you to have a broader vision of reality, to rectify your own opinions or perhaps confirm them. Venus protects all relationships but especially sentimental ones. Here too, however, dialogue will be a precious tool for strengthening the bond: young stories will be able to mature thanks to a deeper mutual understanding, while long-standing partners will relaunch common planning. A few moments of tension are possible, perhaps due to the overlapping of domestic and work commitments, typical of the phase preceding the holidays. It may be that disagreements about programs arise, that a vacation must be canceled or shortened, resulting in complaints, or that you have to face delicate financial discussions with a relative. In short, we are talking about somewhat unpleasant situations, which however will not weigh too much on your good mood if you try to remain objective, flexible, available for small compromises.

First decade
Mars will be dissonant from 13 to 27 December, but from 13 to 20 you can count on the sextile of Mercury . It would therefore be advisable to anticipate the most important interviews or appointments, any business negotiations or other commitments that have to do with communication. Even on the private level, do not carry on any misunderstandings that could ruin the holiday atmosphere.

Second decade
In the first week of December you will be affected by the dissonance of Mercury , which will participate in the Moon of the 4th. It is a matter of a few critical days within a month, but which signal doubts and uncertainties, possible misunderstandings or setbacks, so they should not be underestimated. . If you are planning a trip, avoid improvisations and take care of the details.

Third decade
Mars will be in trine from November 29 to December 13, Venus in sextile from November 30 to January 6, without counting the support of Neptune and Pluto . Under such a strong sky, Mercury fast dissonance from 7 to 13 December will be easily managed with a little more attention to dialogue. In couples there is complicity, passion, singles can count on an intriguing charm ...

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