Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

Automated translation from Astrologiainlinea

December will not be an easy month because the opposition of Venus , and then that of Mercury , could generate tensions on several fronts and not a few anxieties and worries which fortunately, almost always, will prove to be baseless and easily manageable.
Don't be afraid to look at things for what they are, don't try to see things that aren't there or give too many opportunities to those who don't deserve them. In this month it is necessary to be direct, aware of your real potential and above all of the path you have taken without necessarily having to change your way of acting, but at most simply review it slightly.
Flexibility, but not unconditional, will be your winning weapon in the various daily battles to conquer the space that is yours and that no one can prevent you from maintaining and managing even if there will be some real and quite tumultuous clarifications.
But you are born fighters if you believe in what you do and hardly leave ship. After all, it is difficult for you to embark on things that you do not believe or represent you, so the energy you put into doing things is always totalizing and is never just physical or intellectual but also emotional.
So in this December direct your energies mainly on yourself and then only at a later time on others because a healthy selfishness, never as in this particular moment of life, is healthy and useful for your psycho-physical well-being.
In love, however, do not go to clash if possible but avoid disputes and alignments as much as possible. If you really have to come to a clear decision, ponder it well and perhaps ask for the help of a trusted external person who is not involved in the problem.

Key word : determination

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