Weekly Horoscope of 29/11/2021 - 05/12/2021

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The week starts with some bad mood. There is an atmosphere of unease, perhaps only of poor organization. Mars however, is always in excellent trine and the central days will not be stingy with results. Between Wednesday and Thursday, in fact, you will experience pleasant, creative, gratifying moments: you are reaping the fruits of your work and together sowing for the new year, as is right. Take advantage of it to be with loved ones: with Venus in opposition is important to recover harmony with the partner and also the collaboration between colleagues will be more effective. In the following days you may have to concentrate to fix some ongoing chores and a bit of stress at home too is not to be excluded, but a little self-control will be enough to avoid misunderstandings or clarify them quickly. Instead, pay attention to Sunday evening, because frictions with the partner or family members could arise. Probably it will be trivial disagreements, or commitments that await you at work and worry you, so keep your emotions in check, trying not to be too critical of others ... or yourself.

by Sandra Zagatti


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