Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

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The month is quite lively in terms of interpersonal relationships and for many of you it is time to analyze with clarity and determination all those things that do not go wrong within the couple, or even only in interpersonal relationships in general, family first and foremost. .
Do not be afraid to expose yourselves and for once leave aside your proverbial diplomacy, at this moment it is useless and indeed it could appear as something that shows you weak in the eyes of others.
Clarity and determination must guide you in your choices in field affective field even if in some moments they can lead to tensions, quarrels and ruptures, in some cases even definitive, especially in the second part of the month.
After all, you need to clarify your relationship life and you can no longer afford to have with you who is only a ballast not only for serenity but also only for the certainty of being able to count on someone. Now you have to put yourself in a position to be absolutely aware of your potential and consequently make choices that are respectful of what is useful to you and not to others, even if this can lead to tensions.
After all, the risk of not being understood, of realizing that others do not want to use your same emotional language and more, is more than a possibility that can then lead to giving the definitive blow to something that has long been inexistent.
As regards the field is likely that there will be an opportunity to review positions and conditions that are no longer good. Before getting to the comparison, make it clear to yourself what you really want and are still willing to do and then proceed calmly without being dragged, as far as possible, into any diatribe. It won't be easy, but it won't be impossible either.
You need to reach 2022 absolutely free from weights and conditioning in order to be able to start many new projects in perfect harmony with your new way of being.

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