Monthly Horoscope
 from 22 November to 22 December

1st decan   September 23 - October 3
2nd decan   October 04 - 13
3rd decan   October 14 - 22

by Sandra Zagatti

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A demanding Venus
The Sun transits sextile into the third field in Sagittarius , where it joins the Moon on December 4th. Mercury will also be in Sagittarius from November 24th to December 13th, after which it will move into dissonance in the fourth field in Capricorn , where your guide planet, Venus , is already passing through in the retrograde phase . From December 13, however, Mars will enter Sagittarius and give you its sextile . Among the slower planets, only Pluto in Capricorn continues its square to the third decade, while Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius are in trine , respectively, to the first decade (December 13 passes over the second) and to the third. Although the dissonance of Venus can be challenging, you have some good resources at your disposal. It will be useful for managing the most delicate days, such as 23 and 24 November, 6, 12, 13 and 20 December. The days of 29 and 30 November, 4, 9, 17 and 18 December are more serene and fruitful.

Reality and relativity

It is never easy for you to manage the dissonances of your Venus , much less when - as in this period - it insists on its transit with a slower motion and a longer time than its average pace. It is true that, before and after December 13, you will be able to count on the support of Mercury and Mars , but their transits are encouraging in terms of planning or personal development rather than in terms of relational confidence and understanding. In short, it seems absurd to say that you are too focused on yourself, and certainly this should not be understood in an egocentric sense or, worse, selfish. Your natural desire for companionship, sharing, appreciation and consent remains, but perhaps you do not realize that the very desires you feel, and which characterize you so much, tend to influence the judgment of others. For this reason, at times you feel not understood or supported enough, showing a warm, sincere communicative and operational enthusiasm, but more demanding than really available. Of course, good faith is not questioned, if anything it can have a component of naivety that leads you, in fact, to remain centered on your intentions, sure that they are shared but thus neglecting or underestimating those of others. After all, an absolute balance is rarely attainable, and your Venus just wants to remind you that every relationship is made of individual adaptation and mutual approach, in favor of a halfway meeting. There is no reality without relativity.

From falling in love to love
Speaking of Venus , its square will be noticed above all in the private sphere, that is, in family or sentimental relationships. Perhaps it will be the cohabiting couples who feel (or express) the less noble aspects of this dissonance, or in general the official and long-standing couples. In these cases, the defects of the weather could in fact reveal themselves: habits, boredom, fatigue, physical coldness or emotional distance. Some will realize that they have lost motivation towards the relationship, to give their partner or receive less attention from them, but all this will also be an opportunity to recognize any faults and, perhaps, to remedy. A Venus in the sign of Saturn certainly has a role of verification, to help you understand if and to what extent it is possible to recover and relaunch a relationship, to what extent you are willing to invest energy to improve it. In this sense it can be a severe, even merciless transit, but its critical filter remains based on honesty and objectivity. In short, it will not be his square that will create problems in solid, constructive, vital relationships; but it will make few discounts to those who have already been dragging problems for some time, without recognizing or addressing them. Similarly, younger couples will be confronted with the need to grow, mature, deepen mutual knowledge and consolidate the common commitment. After the initial phase of falling in love, the one characterized by romanticism and attraction, the phase of confrontation begins with the differences in character, with the demands of everyday life, with the less light or rewarding components of the relationship, and this is also an opportunity to understand who is ready to build a deep bond and who is not.

First decade
The sextile of Mars will involve you from 13 to 27 December, but until 20 there will also be the square of Mercury . In any relationship, work or emotional, the tools to deal with these transits in a constructive sense will be patience, comparison, sincerity, perhaps even the courage to admit some mistakes. But it is up to you to choose to use them.

Second decade
The square of Venus will last until the end of November, then from 7 to 13 December you can count on the sextile of Mercury . After a period that is a bit quarrelsome, or simply not very rewarding, you will then have the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings with your partner or family members. It will be enough to speak frankly, available…. and the Christmas atmosphere will do the rest.

Third decade
Venus will be dissonant from November 30 to January 6; with retrograde motion from 19 December. It may be that a relationship is going through a crisis, that you are wondering about your feelings, that you have doubts about the loyalty of the partner ... In short, an objective reflection will be necessary; also a dialogue without controversy or recrimination, which helps you to understand before judging.

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