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by Paolo Crimaldi

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The support of Mercury in your sign until the early morning of the 13th gives you the charge to obtain considerable advantages from a professional profile, improving your way of communicating and convincing those in front of you.
You will probably be able to achieve the goals that you had set for yourself for some time by concluding this 2021 with a good dose of success both in terms of strictly professional gratification and on the more strictly material, economic one.
It is important, however, that you know how to discern what is really worth following without getting caught up in a sort of successful bulimia that could instead greatly reduce the more than deserved awards, perhaps pulverizing them in several fields but without getting anything really concrete. that can objectively change your existence.
Remember, however, not to fail in the commitments made, the promises made in the past because it will be your loyalty, the sense of responsibility that will make you appreciate and give you the right opportunities to make your potential known and achieve success.
Also from day 13 you can then count on the entry of Mars into your sign, which will give you great physical energy and above all the determination not to give in even to difficulties that may arise and that in other moments of your life you would certainly have done everything to escape it.
In love, the climate is different. There is stability, concreteness and the desire not to take risks. For those of you as a couple, this December is certainly a month that will make you experience the pleasure of sharing and the opportunity to seriously consider projects that could bring further stability to the ménage such as the beginning of a cohabitation if not even a marriage or the setting up of a child.
The Moon of day 19 brings new acquaintances and those of you who are single and want to get involved in a relationship that is much more than a simple flirt will then find those who will share this relational perspective with you.

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