Monthly Horoscope
 from 22 November to 22 December

1st decan   November 23 - December 2
2nd decan   December 3 - 11
3rd decan   December 12 - 21

by Sandra Zagatti

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Happy birthday!
The Sun passes through your sign where December 4th joins the Moon (it is a solar eclipse). Mercury and Mars will also pass through your sign, one after the other: Mercury from November 24th to December 13th and then, starting from December 13th, Mars . As for the slow planets, Saturn in the third field in Aquarius gives its sextile to the first decade until December 13, then begins to involve the second; the third decade, on the other hand, is affected by the sextile of Jupiter , also in Aquarius , as well as by the square of Neptune in the fourth field in Pisces . In short, an intense month awaits you, not always easy but still generous with stimuli, challenges, opportunities. In particular, you can take advantage of the days of 25, 29 and 30 November, 4, 9, 12 and 13 December. Some more challenging moments will be possible on 27 and 28 November, 10, 11, 17 and 18 December.

Unusual introspective phase

An eclipse in one's solar sign is always important, even if in a more or less incisive way, often also different from what one would expect. That is, in spite of ancient beliefs and residual superstitions, eclipses are not all the same and it is not certain that they are accompanied by clearly negative events. Furthermore, here we are obviously talking about possible meanings on the individual level, passing over the collective one which is another matter. In this sense, an invisible eclipse could go (literally) unnoticed. Yet, especially for the natives of the second decade but to some extent for all of you, there is no doubt that it still symbolizes a darkening and therefore signals a phase of introspection, reflection, elaboration, allowing you an otherwise neglected inner work. Maybe it will only be a few days, more intense where they will include the birthday and which will offer you fruitful insights ... if you try to suspend direct communication and frantic action, concentrating on listening: of others and, even before, of yourself. Already the entry of Mars into your sign, on December 13, ensures the return to a more satisfying decision-making and operational dimension; and more effective, precisely because it is preceded by this reflective pause. While your Jupiter will remain in support until December 29, the end of the year period therefore promises to be richer than you might think, and certainly profitable.

Nurture relationships
Usually the last month of the year, before the holidays, at work is excited and full of things to do: to conclude, file, deliver, plan. This year will probably not be an exception and you will have to endure a few more stressful times. Mercury in the sign supports you, even if a little confusion must be taken into account, due to the dissonance of Neptune . Mars itself in the twelfth field signals an undercurrent of anxiety, an annoying sense of urgency that does not help you to be as efficient as you would like. The risk, in fact, is to disperse emotional energies to the detriment of mental and practical ones. So try to organize yourselves, to follow a scale of priorities, avoiding following too many commitments at the same time. In this sense, I reiterate the advice to give yourself a few breaks to catch your breath, to clarify your ideas and, as they say ... take stock. And it will be precisely in this way that you will be able to optimize the time available, perhaps saving a fair share to devote to private life. Venus in the second field insists on reminding you of the value of your affections, of solid bonds, of relationships that give you security and enrich you. In return, such relationships demand just as much nourishment. They ask for presence, attention… and time, in fact; provided it is of quality and even if limited in quantity. This is especially true in family relationships: with relatives, spouses or cohabiting partners. On the level of friendships, flirtations or relationships born recently, there is a more serene atmosphere, not superficial but certainly less charged with responsibility.

First decade
Mercury transits over your Sun from 24 to 30 November: a few days which, however, can be profitable, with the complicity of Saturn sextile . The mind is clear but open, as well as stimulated by projects and a far-sighted vision. You can achieve results in the present and plan some initiatives for the future. Possible knowledge that matters.

Second decade
In your case, Mercury will be in conjunct in the first week of December and will participate directly in the Moon of the 4th. It is a precious time for understanding and working through some experiences, to clear up some misunderstandings with a person. You may also have fruitful insights into your personal or work life.

Third decade
While the sextile of Jupiter gives you confidence and planning, the square of Neptune confuses the sensations, adding idealism but taking away objectivity. Mercury helps, from 7 to 13 December, but it remains a somewhat dispersed period, in which words or thoughts are not accompanied by concrete facts. Especially at work, try to organize yourself and keep your feet on the ground.

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