Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

Automated translation from Astrologiainlinea

The recognition of your ability to love and know how to make the people you care about happy has finally come, so much so that there could be a pleasant, as well as unexpected, surprise that will make your daily life, and even more your heart, fantastically ready to live. these upcoming holidays with a spirit diametrically opposite to those of last year.
December will be the month of recovery from all points of view and many of you will finally be able to approach love in a more stable, concrete way and above all responding to your real needs that objectively, in this 2021, you have a little 'betrayed or simply neglected perhaps for fear of being alone or of not being accepted by those who accompanied you or you simply went to know for a potential relationship or even just for a simple adventure.
Don't be afraid to ask, and be clear from the start if it's a new story, what you really want and don't be intimidated by past experiences. The time has come to turn the page and go back to being sure of yourself and your needs without giving up those things that you consider essential and at the same time without ever denying a reciprocal exchange.
The most beautiful and overwhelming encounters, especially if you are single, or in any case looking for a passionate story, will be those made close to the days 19 and 20, when resisting them will be almost impossible since the Moon will give you a charm that will accentuate the your sensuality.
In field workplace it is the second part of the month that will bring results and satisfaction, especially if you have invested well in the past months. In fact, entering the sign of Mercury Capricorn in the afternoon of the 13th will give you the opportunity to recover ground and to stabilize and implement roles, projects, or simple requests that seemed to lie in a limbo devoid of opportunities.

Key word : enthusiasm

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