Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

Automated translation from Astrologiainlinea

This December will be a rise and fall of emotions, encounters, responsibilities, opportunities, and while on the one hand you certainly cannot complain of living a boring and uninspired routine, on the other the stress due to the myriad of things to do will continually put you in an alert situation and it is not certain that you will not regret the flat monotony of some time ago.
In short, you are insatiable in this moment of your life and whatever you do not live in its right dimension and you will always have a reason to feel discontented when there are so many opportunities around you.
After all, you must absolutely concentrate on the things you want to achieve in a concrete and fruitful way from this year now upon us because Jupiter will be your ally until the very early hours of day 29. Try to plan everything that is priority and achievable shortly and then adopt a timetable clear and rigid enough not to continually give up on what the real goals are and you will find that many things will come very easily.
Do not doubt your abilities and always remember that you are "mercurial", which allows you to adapt and be flexible in every possible circumstance, even in the most unknown or difficult.
In love there are no big news also because you will probably be focused on the more practical aspects of life even if there will be particularly interesting knowledge both in the vicinity of the Moon on day 4, potentially also destined to turn into something more important but only starting from the new year, and the Moon of the 19th, when an occasional meeting could rekindle romance and passion in you, especially if it is lived out of the usual and usual everyday life.

Key word : awareness

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