Weekly Horoscope of 29/11/2021 - 05/12/2021

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Start the week with optimism and a proactive spirit. Good humor and some satisfaction will allow you to face even some particularly busy days with energy, perhaps due to the thousand deadlines, tasks and urgencies that this period always brings with it ... In particular, Saturday, with the Moon in the seventh field , there could be a hitch , a nuisance, perhaps a setback in leisure programs. Do not forget that your Mercury is also opposite and therefore, in case you find yourself arguing with your partner, try to keep your impulsiveness under control to observe things from a more objective point of view and dialogue, also, in a more detached way. : sometimes you get stubborn more out of whim than out of actual desire for controversy, but it's not worth it. However, the misunderstandings will be resolved and you will be able to reduce problems and worries in time for a Sunday of leisure. Distract yourself without too many pretensions or rigid programs: improvisation could be more rewarding and a pleasant surprise is not excluded.

by Sandra Zagatti


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