Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

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The relationship life of this last month of the year will be particularly lively and not without tensions since you have decided not to comply with what is expressly requested of you in terms of affections.
You are probably realizing that it is not possible for you to always be willing to be as others expect you to be and especially in terms of interpersonal relationships you are starting to feel the weight of those who have long demanded too much of you and take many for granted. things that are not such.
In reality, the movement of rebellion towards a model of relationship that belongs to you less and less mounts day after day and it will be with the arrival of Mercury in Capricorn , which will go to meet Venus well stationed in this sign, not akin to your nature, to generate a set of reactions and problems that could also lead to the rupture of long-standing relationships or in any case to redesign emotional dynamics based on what your true needs and necessities are.
In all this, however, new and fantastic adventures can occur, especially on days 12 and 13, which however could also become the reason to start a real reinterpretation of the affective, passionate and balance of power within relationships.
It is certainly a month of great emotional balances and it is not certain that the final result will be to your disadvantage despite the costs to be incurred and the tensions to be faced. It will be important, however, never to take anything for granted and to keep clear the true goal you have set for yourself.
In field take advantage of Mercury in your favor in the first part of the month, especially if there are things to put in place or to outline work plans that, however, it is good to remember
will start only with the beginning of the new year

Key word : clarity

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