Monthly Horoscope
 from 22 November to 22 December

1st decan   March 21 - 31
2nd decan   Aprile 01 - 10
3rd decan   April 11 - 20

by Sandra Zagatti

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Warm stingrays
The Sun transits in trine in the ninth field in Sagittarius , where it joins the Moon on December 4th. Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 24, then on December 13 it moves to the tenth field in Capricorn , adding its square to that of Venus , already in progress. But on the same 13 December it will be your Mars to take itself to Sagittarius and give you its very hot trine . In short, the fast planets alternate in their transits but do not leave you without resources! As for the slower planets, only Pluto in Capricorn is always dissonant in the third decade, which however is supported by the sextile of Jupiter eleventh field in Aquarius . Saturn , also in Aquarius , instead continues its sextile in the first decade until December 13, after which it begins to involve the second. The most peaceful or profitable days will probably be November 25th, December 4th, 9th, 12th and 18th. Instead, it will take a little patience on 23, 24 and 30 November, 6, 19 and 20 December.

Between excesses and defects

The trines from Sagittarius give you an intense psychophysical energy: that desire to act so dear to your Fire values and satisfying in itself. Already. Often it is more important for you to feel stimulated, challenged, than to reach goals; or rather, obviously you are also looking for results… as long as they don't take too long! It is in the present action that you give your maximum effort and experience the maximum of enthusiasm, while you tend to lose motivation in the long run, just as a flame goes out if it is not fed. However, sometimes there are contexts or situations that may require a little patience, responsible attention and a deep understanding, before making judgments or making decisions: before acting, in short. And in this period, with fast planets flanking each other in harmonic and dissonant transits, it would be appropriate to take this into account. It is natural that you find it easier and more spontaneous to express the planets in Sagittarius rather than those in Capricorn , while you should try to integrate them. Otherwise, the risk is to over-balance on one side and under-balance on the other. Talking too much but listening little, or talking too little, assuming that others understand and agree; follow the impulse and not the reasoning; take everything personally and confuse the comparison with the competition ... And maybe make mistakes, realizing it late or blaming someone else. In this sense, more or less the whole month warns you, but the greatest imbalance is evident from 13 December, when the trine of your Mars will make you feel particularly strong, safe, almost bold, while the Venus and Mercury will remind you of the need to look in and around you.

It takes more flexibility
At work, typical end-of-year emergencies are particularly annoying to you, if only because you would prefer to dedicate yourself to something else. We know that you like the initial phase of the activities: projects to start, original ideas to propose or to evaluate, everything that integrates passion and determination. In these cases, commitment does not scare you, on the contrary it stimulates you. Instead, when faced with practical or administrative issues, those that must be concluded, delivered, archived, you tend to waste energy in intolerance and therefore struggle twice as much, perhaps risking some errors due to the haste to take your mind off. Even in different personal situations, this is more or less the atmosphere you will experience in this month. Mercury in trine in the ninth field is a good resource until December 13 but it helps you plan the future, set up new initiatives, make contacts, rather than stay focused on contingent duties. If you then feel under pressure, due to collaborators or superiors who interfere with your work or, worse, question it, you could get annoyed and react badly. On the private level, things do not change substantially. Maybe you would already like to think about the holidays, organize a vacation, receive more understanding and encouragement at least from the partner or family members, but here too there could be requests, criticisms, complaints, various disagreements. Your instincts are sincere, generous, but perhaps there is a bit of naivety in the claim to sharing. Needs, like desires, can be different but that doesn't mean that the reasons or the wrongs are only on one side. Try to be more flexible, more adaptable.

First decade
Mercury will be in trine from 24 to 30 November and in square from 13 to 20 December: two different weeks, to be experienced in both cases with awareness. Naturally, as far as possible, it would be appropriate to anticipate discussions, negotiations, important appointments. If you are going to travel with Mercury , avoid improvisations and organize yourself well.

Second decade
Until the end of November Venus is still dissonant, but later you can count on the trine of Mercury , in the first week of December, which will participate in the Moon of 4. Any frictions at work or with the partner can be overcome with greater availability and availability. mutual. Don't leave any misunderstandings unresolved, even if you feel like you can gloss over.

Third decade
Venus forms the retrograde phase in square with your Sun , so its dissonance will last from December 1st until January 6th. As it adds up to Pluto , the relationship climate could get a bit heavy. Remember that while not everyone is on your side, not everyone is a rival or an enemy! It is not like you to be influenced by suspicions: be clear, honest, transparent.

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