Weekly Horoscope of 29/11/2021 - 05/12/2021

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The week starts with a bit of nervousness, of confusion. Venus is always dissonant but Mercury supports you, so in the central days you will be able to recover. All the better if you have free time, but even if you have to work, you will not lack the organizational capacity and efficiency to carve out precious spaces for private life. For some time now you have been feeling a bit destabilized, the mood fluctuates and the uncertainties increase: beyond the normal ups and downs, it's time to reinforce your optimism! As early as Friday and especially Saturday, with the Moon in the ninth field , you will be able to transfer energy in the planning sense: perhaps by arranging some issues that are of concern to you, by setting programs for the new year ... or by enjoying your free time with your partner. Even deciding how to spend the Christmas holidays will be an anticipation of relaxation and will make you feel more united, more accomplices: you need it. Sunday evening could be less effective: perhaps there will be a setback, or a work concern will remain to disturb your thoughts. Try not to get stressed and defend the well-deserved rest, especially emotional.

by Sandra Zagatti


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