Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

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You are in the middle of your season of love and love in all its conjugations, variations and shades is the leitmotif of your days.
It is very likely that you will always find yourself meeting new people, capable of making you experience a new and at the same time reassuring way of being together with the other, which will thus give you the opportunity to compare yourself with those who could open up to new existential dimensions. The best days are 1 and 2 and 10 and 11, but also 14 and 15 and 24 and 25: in short, you will be spoiled for choice.
But even those who are already in a couple can discover a new dimension of love precisely with their partner, rediscovering complicity and intimacy as has not happened for some time.
other hand, those of you who live a relationship to be kept hidden must pay the utmost attention not to let yourself be discovered by those you do not want because the risk is really high due to a Mars that pushes you to commit more than a few recklessness and create envy and enmities that could then take revenge by putting your secret in the streets.
In other words, in this December everything that can give serenity, that satisfies your way of being and conceiving a relationship, is favored even if at first it may seem a bit lacking in enthusiasm and passion.
From a professional point of view it is from day 13, when Mercury will also be in your sign, that the wheel begins to turn definitively, giving you the opportunity to get back on top in a short time and recover all that seemed to be lost, as well as conquer new spaces in which you can exercise your influence and even more your decision-making capacity.
It is not to be excluded to see you offer by the end of the year new assignments, roles or tasks that if accepted will certainly significantly change your status but also your finances, something that you will certainly appreciate much more.

Key word : congruence

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