Monthly Horoscope
 from 22 November to 22 December

1st decan   December 22 - 31
2nd decan   January 1 - 10
3rd decan   January 11 - 20

by Sandra Zagatti

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A profitable period
At the beginning of the astrological month, Mars is still in good sextile eleventh field in Scorpio , where it will remain until December 13th. On the same day, Mercury will enter your sign, reaching Venus which is about to form the retrograde phase (it will begin retrogradation on December 19th) and will then continue its conjunct until March 6th! So there are no dissonances between fast planets, indeed all of them give you interesting transits. But the slower planets are no different! In fact, the second decade is always involved in the trine of Uranus in the fifth field in Taurus , while the third receives the sextile of Neptune in the third field in Pisces and the conjunct of Pluto . Overall, an intense and profitable period awaits you. In particular, you can make the most of the days of 27 and 28 November, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 and 14 December. The least effective days will instead be 23, 24 and 30 November, 12, 13 and 20 December.

The facets of Venus

Venus is still in direct motion for most of the astrological month but, as it approaches the retrograde phase , it begins to slow down and therefore to become more incisive. This is why it is important to remember the different meanings it expresses, the different ways in which it can manifest itself and, in summary, the different opportunities for experience and elaboration that it offers with its transit. In fact, to say that Venus is the planet of love is a bit simplistic: that is, it is true but that is not all; so much so that it is not always experienced at this level. In general and more correctly it can be considered the planet of relationships, so it has to do with all the relationships we have (emotional, social, work, family ...) and also with our way of relating to others. But it does not stop there, because - like any astrological value - the facets of its symbologies extend over many planes. And in fact on the physical level it speaks of health, on the material level of well-being, on the psychological level it is associated with the pleasure principle and it is also a significator of beauty, on the aesthetic or artistic level. Just wanting to summarize, in this period Venus is inviting you to seek harmony and helps you to find it, precisely in the different contexts of your personal and relational life. And if in your sign it does not perhaps give the best in terms of tenderness, romanticism, passion, it is only because it underlines the difference between emotions, often superficial or in any case ephemeral, and more solid and lasting feelings.

Reference points
The Mars sextile , until December 13, stimulates operations by adding strategic qualities to your natural pragmatism. Therefore, you are not only able to act concretely but you will be able to identify the most important goals as well as the most effective times or ways to achieve them. This can be useful in managing typical year-end emergencies and also in setting up new initiatives in the medium or long term. From field eleventh field, in fact, this Mars has a strong design value and gives you determination, decision-making spirit, willpower and that extra bit of audacity you need to project yourself beyond normal contingencies. You will also know how to work well in a team, especially as leaders, as guides, or just as friendly points of reference: capable of reassuring and encouraging, as well as optimizing resources by recognizing the most suitable tasks based on the skills of your collaborators. The subsequent entry of Mercury into your sign will then help you to put your ideas in order, to consolidate your actions, to guarantee lasting results. All this will certainly be challenging but also spontaneous and satisfying in itself. In fact, work will not take away from private life more than necessary, nor will it burden it with stress, fatigue or residual discontent. Indeed, satisfied with yourself, you will know how to behave with your loved ones to the best of your character: with presence, attention, responsibility, honesty. Thus managing to welcome and appreciate what they themselves will offer you.

First decade
The slow planets do not affect you while Mercury will be in conjunct from 13 to 20 December. It is a profitable period at work, suitable for negotiations, discussions, economic budgets. You can also take the opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings with a friend, or to make new acquaintances. Even in the family, between parents and children, dialogue is more effective.

Second decade
Mars will be in sextile until November 29, Venus in conjunct until 30. Maybe there are decisions to make, changes to manage, but you can count on the affection of loved ones and on their encouragement, on their advice. As far as you are concerned or within your competence, however, try not to force the timing of a transformation in progress.

Third decade
The conjunct of Venus will involve you from November 30th to January 6th, with retrograde motion from December 19th. This is an important time to clarify your relationships, your feelings, the values and motivations that bind you to others. You can give the best of yourself but also learn to receive it, to become better thanks to sharing.

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