Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

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Love life is certainly at the fore in this last month of 2021 and for many of you it is a real riot of encounters, recognition, adventures and passions that will certainly destabilize, albeit pleasantly, your daily routine. .
After all, it has been a long time since you felt the need to return to being the absolute protagonists of emotional life and never as in this moment do you have all the potential that must not be wasted since the opportunities to make interesting encounters are so many, as well as to build with the partner you already have in your life a new relational dimension closer to what you want and are today.
In short, there will be the opportunity to experience yourself in a new emotional universe and the possibility of giving a change to all that is stagnant in your heart should not be excluded.
If December is the month of budgets and closures, then you must absolutely take advantage of it and put an end to everything that is only a burden for you, as well as preserve, and if possible strengthen, what instead represents something important and useful to your emotional well-being.
If you are looking for a partner, because they are single or ready to experiment with new emotional dimensions, the holidays of 24 and 25 could reserve very pleasant opportunities for meetings, perhaps just where you would never have thought of and if you really wish they could turn into very short time into something serious and potentially lasting over time.
From a professional point of view, the second part of the month has to offer you the most opportunities and recognition also from a purely economic point of view since you will have Mercury and Venus both in trine from the sign of Capricorn . Take advantage of these last days of the year to clarify and define contractual situations, to acknowledge a role carried out up to now but never contracted and all that cannot, and must, remain in the undefined.

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