Weekly Horoscope of 29/11/2021 - 05/12/2021

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The good news of the week is that Venus and Mars are always in support, despite Mercury being spiteful. The Moon smiles at you between Wednesday and Thursday. In short, you can enjoy an atmosphere of relief, more serene, but no less efficient! Don't get confused by some more nervous moments on Saturday, with the Moon in the fourth field . Especially at home, a quarrel, a misunderstanding could arise, it may also be that you are very busy or concentrated on work schedules and cannot be adaptable, to enjoy free time, or that there are worries or unforeseen events to manage. Fortunately, you are not lacking in patience, so you will be able to control your mood and prevent real quarrels. In any case, on Sunday you will feel calmer and you will confirm it with greater affection and creativity. Dedicate yourselves to loved ones, to shopping, perhaps to the preparation of Christmas decorations, in joy and complicity. You may receive good news, satisfaction, or just… be at peace.

by Sandra Zagatti


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