Karmic Horoscope


by Paolo Crimaldi

Automated translation from Astrologiainlinea

The month begins with the unconditional support of Mercury who will favor you in field professional field but even more in all those communication processes that will allow you to reach achievements of a certain depth, also obtaining results and awards that will give you the opportunity to start with new projects or consolidate those already in place.
But the first part of the month is also the one in which to submit requests, let you know and listen to those who can really do a lot for you and this could outline a picture of new possibilities that starting from next year could also lead you to reach the objectives of a certain prestige, of course if that's what you want.
After all, despite the opposition of Saturn from Aquarius , you are certainly not lacking in will and perhaps in the challenges you give the best of yourself. Then consider that from the late afternoon of day 13 Mars entering Sagittarius will almost unconditionally support your projects and in some cases you may even find yourself the absolute protagonists of very pleasant professional challenges, perhaps that start from an intuition, or from a simple meeting. near the Moon of 19.
In love, things seem to have no thickness of their own, there is a sort of quiet acquiescence, and nothing moves at least according to your usual standards. This is the time to give greater stability to a relationship that has just started or to redesign small new spaces within a relationship that has already been consolidated for some time. While for those who are still in search of love, the Moon of the 4th day, but also the Moon of the 19th, could lead you to make an apparently light encounter with no future developments, but as the days go by, if you decide to continue to be curious about who you are in front of, it could even lead you to think seriously about a mature bond and also about a possible coexistence in a short time.

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