Karmic Astrology - Moon's Nodes

The North Node (called the ascending node) and South Node (called descending node) represent for karmic astrology the past and the future of your "astral" existence. In other words, the Moon's nodes, also called Lunar nodes, are the bridge that connects past lives and the "baggage" that you are carrying from these (South Moon Node), and the life you're living now, because, through itself, you can reach the goal you set when you chose to reborn (North Node). This is the meaning of the Moon's nodes according to karmic astrology.
Let us be clear, karmic astrology and the lunar nodes do not tell you if you were a tribal chieftain or a murderess, rather than a war hero, or if you lived in China, Italy or Mexico.
The Moon's nodes according to karmic astrology will tell you instead what are the vices or virtues to which you gave priority during previous lives. You are now asked to live other situations or emotions, or anyway different life experiences, so that your soul may achieve the greatest knowledge. The purpose for karmic astrology is to improve the quality of your consciousness, in order to reach perfection.

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