Is Saturn the lord of Karma?

Edited by Paolo Crimaldi

It has by now been ascertained that Saturn is the planet that is the master of Karma, the one which more than each other puts us in contact with everything that we did in our the past existence and which we have to deal with. But is this really so?

Probably not, in the sense that Saturn more than being bound to our past lives, is a powerful activator of our present time, of the Dharma, or rather of the existential - evolutive path that we have decided to undertake at the beginning of our current incarnation and that in one way or another we try to move forwards, very often with effort, with difficulty. It is here that we find karmic dharmic - power in the whole of its expression, evolutive of Saturn, or rather his transformative capability that forces us to deal with everything that we have more or less consciously decided to do in our lives, with the entire responsibility that we accepted at the moment in which our Soul appropriated the body in which it resides.

Clearly this path is not always easy, on the contrary sometimes it can have a series of events, also rather strong, which can create friction, tension, doubts, pains, but also certitude, consciousness, action. In other words Saturn has the power of making us get in contact with the stronger, inflexible and consistent parts of ourselves that nevertheless sometimes make us face different kinds of resistance that inevitably they coincide with the difficult, problematic, heavy moments of our existence.
These moments are marked by Saturn transits, its covering of the zodiac, and in encountering the planets, and in particular our personal ones, and therefore dictates when our growth initiates, and to the consciousness of what is really important in our life.

This probably suits those who have a dominant Saturn in their birth chart, especially if it is to the Ascendant or to the Midheaven, since from the birth they will have a clear consciousness of what their limits are, as well as their potential, and in several ways also when they must be subjected to a check that does not take anything into account but on the contrary leads constantly to a test in order to check the real importance that it has for our existence.

Saturn has a conception of time that is strictly linear and that is difficult to analyse and interpret or that postpones things, even for a long time. Saturn is not tied to the past, or even the future, but to the present, the here and now, even if it clearly checks on the past and plans in view of a goal, but only within a framework of a beginning and an end.
In other words Saturn becomes loaded with the past only functional reasons or obstructing those plans it does not like, because it feels its heaviness, the inhibited strength that possesses it, but at the same time it does not allow itself to be blinded by the future because it knows that it cannot reach anything if not to develop things with consistency and perseverance in the present, without excluding any possibility and always maintaining an aspect that is healthily distrustful and removed in relation to easy and fleeting results.

It is for this reason that it is not possible to call it simply the lord of Karma, if for karma we mean everything that is tied exclusively to past lives, as often happens; but if instead it is seen as the one which dictates causes and effects (which underlies karma) a basic principle of its behaviour, then the above definition seems right, since it knows that behind a sacrifice and renunciation there is always something positive and practical that awaits, and that nothing, or almost, can be attained without any effort, and that if this happens it would in any case imply the definition of strategies and responsibilities to be able to manage it all in a wise and cautious way, avoiding throwing away what easily entered into our life.

In the next articles we analyse the cycle of Saturn and its transits, trying to favour the constructive, positive aspect of its nature and not that, which often unjustly prevails, of an oppressor.

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