Who is Paolo Crimaldi ?

Paolo Crimaldi was born in Caserta in 1966.
After his degree in philosophy at "Università Federico II" in Naples, he specialised in humanistic-existential psychology with Luigi De Marchi (in Rome) and in psychosynthesis with Pietro Ferrucci (in Florence).
Early in his formation he began directing his interests towards the analysis and the investigation of a possible syncretism between western and eastern culture. He has also analysed and investigated various historical-religious approaches to anthropological issues raised by civilisation studies.

All along this path he has followed Alfonso Maria Di Nola's teachings, his mentor and collaborator in anthropological research on the field. Their findings have also been published on specialised press.
A side path he has decided to follow deals with studies about magic and esoteric thinking but always focusing on the relationship between East and West and with particular emphasis on the renaissance.
His numerous visits in Asia (India, Sri-Lanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan) allowed him  not only to create a direct link with local cultures but also to publish a series of books ranging from the magical-esoterical approach to astrology and to oriental psychology and its techniques. Some of his works have also been translated into German, Dutch, Rumanian and Spanish.

Paolo is currently a philosophy teacher in a secondary school in Rome and he is involved in the divulgation of the themes of his studies through regular columns in many mass communication media, such as the Internet site www.astrologiainlinea.it and the daily horoscope for the show “Cominciamo Bene Prima” broadcast by the third channel of Italy’s State Television.


  • Chirone: un viaggio dal passato al futuro -  Ed. Capone, Torino, 1996 (ristampa 2000) translated into German
  • Iniziazione all’astrologia karmica – Ed. Mediterranee, Roma, 1998 (seconda edizione) translated into Rumanian
  • Iniziazione agli amori karmici – Ed. Mediterranee, Roma, 2000 (ottava ristampa) translated into German, Dutch and Spanish
  • Iniziazione alla terapia karmica – Ed. Mediterranee, Roma, 2004 (seconda ristampa) translated into Rumanian
  • Iniziazione agli amori che cambiano la vita – Ed. Mediterranee, Roma 2008

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