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The numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19 have a karmic value, in other words they have an influence deriving from tendencies that were in a state of disharmony and lack of balance in previous lives.
In a reincarnation context they indicate an experience which has not been brought to completion, or a responsibility or impulse on which we have to work during this life.

If this introspective process of resolving suspended inner situations is not completed, these conflicts will also appear in the future life.
It is advisable, therefore, to read the karmic number that corresponds to your fundamental number; for example, if a person's destiny number is 4, they ought to consult the karmic number 13 to understand which inner aspect to work on.

The correspondence between fundamental numbers and karmic numbers is shown here below:

Consult number 13 if there is a 4 in your numerological chart
Consult number 14 if there is a 5 in your numerological chart
Consult number 16 if there is a 7 in your numerological chart
Consult number 19 if there is a 1 in your numerological chart

Number 13

The keywords of the karmic thirteen are: new birth, metamorphosis and adaptation. Number thirteen relates to death and rebirth.
It indicates that in the previous life there have been obstacles that were provoked externally, meaning to say circumstances such as sickness, lack of freedom, poverty or ignorance; there will therefore be a need to acquire a capacity for perseverance, relying on one's personal strength and talents to face difficulties in order to reach a better life, in other words, it is necessary to live one's life in worthwhile manner.
There is also a need to concentrate on eliminating certain defects, such as excessive stubbornness, inflexibility and mediocrity.
This karmic trace in the life of people characterised by the number thirteen provides the opportunity to change or act on matters connected with tradition; the opportunity to save the lives of other human beings, to eliminate the imperfections caused by social unease or to recover from a deeply rooted sickness.
The karmic thirteen implies a need to know discipline, constancy and hard work.

Number 14

The keywords of the karmic fourteen are: freedom, Independence and feelings.
The number fourteen represents the constructive use of freedom and suggests an energy characterised by observation and continuous transformation. The karmic fourteen, due to the previous life, must learn to move around in the earthly and passionate world without losing contact with his or her spiritual origins.
The person with the characteristic energy of fourteen has the opportunity to work on his or her physical and psychological limits, to understand the lesson of the past life in regard to responsibility and commitment, to overcome the fear of taking risks and effectively changing antiquated systems, understanding how to find fulfilment in life and face the challenges that the freedom of choice involves without remaining imprisoned in excessive indulgence.
The number fourteen must be able to make a commitment to keep promises, using his or her time and energy in the best possible way.
Profitable personal growth can be developed from unpleasant situations, such as: lack of physical liberty, problems related to sexuality, dependence on certain chemical substances and an excessive attachment to material reality.

Number 16

The keywords of the karmic sixteen are: restlessness and problems related to personal relationships.
The ultimate goal of the karmic number sixteen is to provide the possibility of reawakening the soul, so that it can rediscover its evolutionary path, it therefore involves unexpected and drastic changes.
The vibration of this number is an incentive to the individual to be instinctive, and therefore perceive his or her authentic self in all its potential. Very often this energy, which is initially felt by the person as full of enigmas, which are then revealed, and emotions that act on very intimate levels, has as is its ultimate goal to guide the individual towards very important and profound objectives.
Sixteen represents the opportunity to manage to overcome impediments in relation to the past life; perhaps being born in an unusual and not very fortunate environment or, perhaps, simply conflictive family conditioning.
The person characterised by the energy of number sixteen will almost certainly have to face conflicts in personal relationships or connected with marriage in adult life, i.e. betrayal, deceit or debasement.
This karmic number has a truly exceptional characteristic, in that it possesses a very intense capacity for intuition that will allow the person to make very important contributions to disciplines such as psychology, science and, spirituality in general.
Sixteen is often a truly stimulating element that guides other people towards very positive transformations.

Number 19

The keywords of the karmic nineteen are: identity, inner strength and self-determination.
The karmic number nineteen is related to commanding roles, self-esteem, courage and new ideas in a past life; for this reason it manifests a particular vibration that drives the individual towards seeking independence and an important role. There could be an unconscious tendency to put oneself to the test and to work independently.
Despite this, unconscious sensations related to past life experiences can create fears in the individual, forcing them not to reveal themselves too much, to choose an mediocre life; for example, if in a previous life a person has behaved meanly or has put other people's lives in danger due to wrong judgement, he or she will seek to avoid danger in similar circumstances. The person characterised by the energy of nineteen could have confused ideas in regard to their own public persona and be unsure if they want to be recognised for their own successes or prefer to remain on the sidelines.
When this number appears in a numerological chart it indicates an inclination towards being in charge or dominating or, conversely, a person full of anguish and with no willpower.
They could be hampered by a certain scrupulousness, which could lead them not to face certain experiences in the belief that if they cannot be the best it is better not to try them.
This karmic number indicates good hopes of managing to obtain highly important goals and fulfilling unimaginable desires!

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