Transits of the Lunar Nodes in the houses

Edited by Paolo Crimaldi

Transits of Lunar Nodes in the natal houses are very interesting because they lead the individual to experiment and face what, for one reason or another, is blocked and requires a work of awareness and psychological metabolization that absorbs, often unconsciously, the person, for many months, sometimes a year and more.

Most of the time the challenge concerns aspects inherent to very old past experiences, of this, as of past existences, which act as a block in the realization of one's own evolutionary plan. It is not necessarily a question of having a karmic-evolutionary vision of life, but of understanding why in certain areas of life we have more difficulty in realizing ourselves, in achieving our goals. The transit of the Node in that particular corresponding house, the most blocked sector of life, or in which problems of various kinds are present, serves precisely to awaken the conscience, or in any case to implement, even unconsciously, the psychological mechanisms to resolve, or at least to try, the underlying problem, even through experiences that can be quite strange, such as the knowledge of people who are completely outside your usual circle of acquaintances, or to see the birth of an interest in issues that only until some time before they were all foreign and far from your intellectual sphere.

It is good to remember that the reading is of the mirror type, in the sense that it is impossible not to take into account also the opposite house in which the South Node passes, which gives us important indications from where the problem arises which occurs within of the house crossed by the North Node. To be clearer if a person has the North Node that moves in the 2nd house, it is clear that the south is in 8th, so the problems inherent in the sense of attachment and possession that the North Node brings to light must be sought in those aspects inherited from the 8th house that are inherent in the nature of the sign occupied by this house.

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