Transiting Lunar Node in the twelfth natal houses

Transits of Lunar Nodes in the natal houses are very interesting because they lead the individual to experiment and face what, for one reason or another, is blocked and requires a work of awareness and psychological metabolization that absorbs, often unconsciously, the person, for many months, sometimes a year and more.

The transit of the Lunar Node in that particular corresponding house, the most blocked sector of life, or in which problems of various kinds are present, serves precisely to awaken the conscience, or in any case to implement, even unconsciously, the psychological mechanisms to resolve, or at least to try, the underlying problem.

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It is a moment in which the person feels the need to review the image that gives of himself to the outside world, to change the way he relates to others to get the recognition of what he wants to see attributed to him. This transit coincides with a period of our life in which we want to relaunch our way of being, abandoning all those certainties and reassurances that, even if they facilitate us and give us a pleasant life without great worries, can however extinguish creativity and desire to be protagonists of our lives. The transiting Lunar Node in the first house does just that, makes us again protagonists of our lives, overcoming the judgment and expectations of others and making us focus on what is our real way of being and thinking.

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