The Transits of the Moon Nodes and destinic events

Edited by Paolo Crimaldi

The axis of the Lunar Nodes is in almost perennial retrograde movement and takes about 18/19 years to complete the entire Zodiac, opening us to experiences left unresolved and to be faced whenever it goes to join a planet, especially a personal one, and in this way helping us to better identify the steps to be taken in order to align to the path of the realisation of the Self, or what we have decided to become and to be at the moment of the present incarnation.

In principle the passage of the north Lunar Node in the natal house gives us an indication about the particular sector of life in which we have more opportunities to express ourselves and to experiment new things that go to form that psycho-emotional fabric that transforms our existence orienting it towards that goal which is proper and absolutely individual to every person. While the transit of the south Lunar Node into a specific house of the birth chart, provides us with indications on the things that must be resolved concerning the past, of this as of the previous incarnations, and that for one reason or another are waiting to be unlocked for give free space of expression to what the north Lunar Node expresses on the other side of the natal chart.

In other words, the transits of the Lunar Nodes must always be read in a dualistic dynamic, made up of complementary opposites, indispensable to each other and which are the perfect result and balance of a harmonious physical, psychological and spiritual development capable of making the individual free from the yoke of past lives as of the childhood experiences of this life that very often, if not understood and resolved, represent a block that prevents a free manifestation of one's being.

So if the north Lunar Node is transiting my fourth house, then the south one is moving through the X, so I'll have to confront myself first with the frustrating, unrealized, blocked ambitions that come from the X house, as well as with the success and the various awards obtained in professional or social field but which perhaps have kept away from their own family and from that world of affection that the transit of the north Lunar Node in the fourth house leads instead to recover, bringing the individual to take stock of how much of realized or not it gave the house X. In reality it is as if the transit of south Lunar Node in the house X pushed to make a sort of assessment, or better yet an inventory, necessary to understand what has been achieved, both through a sort of inheritance (inherent in this existence like the previous ones) than through a real job. Once we understand what is in our possession we can move on to give more space to the existential sector represented by the opposite house, in this case the IV, and therefore the universe of the family, of ancestral ties, of psychological inheritances. It is here that the north Lunar Node allows the individual to understand what he really wants from this sector of life, and how important it is for its development.

Naturally as much will be strong and individuating for his own psyche, the more in the house we will find planets, personal, or dominant or important for some other reason.
For example, if Pluto is the ruler planet of the seventh house, a transit of the north Lunar Node in in aspect with it can surely imply some events that may relate to relationship life, to be identified however within the sector represented by the house in which it is transiting, for example the 2nd house, ie related to the sense of attachment and that set of securities that become necessary in life when one tries to make a change or build something really important, learning to detach instead from all those bonds unconsciously inherited as the transiting south Lunar Node require.

It is very interesting to read the transits of the axis of the Lunar Nodes in this karmic-evolutionary perspective, since it allows us to understand which are the destinic plots to which we are predisposed and which identify what is our evolutionary path.

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