Chiron and its journey from Karma to Dharna

Edited by Paolo Crimaldi

Chiron is a celestial body discovered only in 1977, but that suddenly provoked remarkable interest among astrologers, especially in English speaking countries, since it was full of the meanings that are in perfect syntony with the historical, social and evolutive period in which we live.
In fact Chiron was immediately characterised by the figure of the inner Master, by that archetypal image of the inner therapist able to lead us out of a psychic situation to other one by teaching us to learn from experience, from what we normally do on a daily basis, and at the same time, also learning to give particular importance and have faith in our intuitions, in particular the perceptions that seem to come from another dimension, but that turn out to be indispensable to understand what as been done and above all what path we should go down.

Chiron is a kind of leader with limited, obliging experiences, which at times inhibits karma, generally tied to preceding lives or to experiences lived in the early part of childhood, to those freer and free of conditioning, totally independent decisions of the present incarnation, which are instead particular to dharna. In other words it is possible to say that Chiron helps us have the type of experiences that can help us to change our perspective of things, to modify attitudes, conditioning, habits and life-styles that prevent us from continuing our psychological, spiritual and transpersonal growth.
It should be remembered, however, that along this path of development, Chiron never forgets past experience and generally it makes good use of them, without nevertheless being squashed, without letting them keep on conditioning our decisions, and trying to overcome all attitudes that result in repeating models learnt in our past lives and that inevitably tend to strongly impose themselves on us again with the weight of a certain habit and familiarity that has been acquired during several existences.

But at a karmic-evolutive level Chiron also has a very profound meaning for what regards our affective life. In fact it provides indications to us on our most profound wounds, on
what is the biggest cause of our suffering in our relationship with someone else. The position of the house on which it falls provides us with quite precise indications about the affective imprinting that we bring with us and everything that can be particular about interpersonal relations.
It is not by chance that if Chiron dominates one of four corners of the sky, and if specifically close to the Ascendant or of the Middle Sky, a person can become a kind of healer, a shaman, therapist, anything that regards being able to help others and which also ends up becoming a way of also caring for himself/herself, a way to alleviate one’s own wounds, that sense of an emotional gap that has been inherited from previous lives or from some shortcomings in affection in early childhood.

Chiron can thus become our master and healer for a kind of inner necessity, a call that joins us at the most ancestral levels of our unconscious, as happens for shamans, and that is difficult, especially in the initial phase, to be able to fully understand and especially to define in practical terms.
Moreover, it is not by chance that Chiron is dominant in the natal chart of those who are responsible for professions that imply a relationship of helping, of persons who decide to put themselves at the service of others, the elaboration of the pain that they have felt during an initiatory part of their lives that may be the result of a personal analysis or training in some particular "alternative" subjects.

But true Chiron teaching is tied in the world of emotions and it consists in the ability to find a bridge between sweetness and determination, between romance and practicability, between dream and reality. In other words Chiron can teach us to live our emotions with serenity and consciousness and to overcome all conditionings that prevent us from being ourselves, of being absolute protagonists of our own affectivity and not reiterating relational models inherited from past that do not mainly belong to the existence of our new personality.

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