Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Capricorn - The Ambitious One

Are you perfectly aware that you want (rather, demand) a self-confident, resolute, rational, ambitious man who is determined to build a career? One who, if he has not already done so, is about to ascend to the highest offices of a company, government or supreme body? A partner who guarantees you economic well-being and concrete certainties for the future? A man who does not fear anything and can face any problem, particularly those that concern you, with cold determination? An indestructible rock you can rely on, a father who is maybe a bit grumpy and old-fashioned, but also responsible and reliable, who will never leave you?
Then what you want is a Capricorn! Of course, at the beginning, you will find it hard to break down his obstinate defences and manage to win his heart (which actually beats under his tough exterior), but if you just convince him that he can trust you, that you really need him, that you will listen to his wise advice (and peremptory diktat), that you won’t ask him for frivolities and displays of affection, and that you are willing to respect his own time and his attachment to work, then he will be yours forever and touchingly faithful. And you will have almost nothing to fear with him by your side.
However, you'd better consider that: he is cold (except in bed), irreducibly selfish, not particularly imaginative, sometimes hard, does not forgive infidelity, and if provoked can become implacable...!

Zodiac sign Capricorn
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