Zodiac Sign Virgo

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Virgo - The Handyman

Do you dream of a man for all occasions and all seasons? One who can repair taps and blinds, save on spending, square the budget, put the house in order, archive bills/documents/photos/CDs/DVDs/books so that you can find them in a few minutes, even in the middle of an earthquake? A man who arrives early for an appointment, does not scatter crumbs on the bed, does not lose his umbrella, finds your lost keys, gets rid of stains and existential uncertainties?
You have no choice: only a Virgo will do for you!
He can put order into your disorder like nobody else and simplify all the tasks and problems that seem impossible to face.
Of course, to conquer him is not easy, averse and rational as he is, but if you give him the impression that he can trust you, that you can give him that pinch of salt that is often missing from his life, and that all you’re waiting for is someone who can help you put together the pieces of the puzzle, then sooner or later he will give in! And then you will discover that he is not only efficient, but also – surprise, surprise – unexpectedly passionate, although not particularly tender and affectionate...
But take into account that: he is rigid, fussy and not at all romantic; he detests unforeseen events; he never goes too far in anything; he is a hygienist who will make you pass dental floss before a kiss …

Zodiac Sign Virgo
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