Zodiac Sign Cancer

Dedicated to Her - Just the way you want him to be!

by Franca Mazzei


Cancer - The Eternal Son

For some unknown reason (childhood traumas?) do you dream of a man child in perennial search of a substitute mother who lovingly looks after him? A capricious and moody softy you can give hot soups, pats on the back and some sporadic "spankings" to, in exchange for his adoring look and his romantic "I will love you forever"?
A partner-son who is dependent enough on you to make you feel "tough" and irreplaceable, who never questions the fact that you are the ones to wear the trousers in the relationship? Well then, a Cancer is just what you need!
Imaginative and hypersensitive, he does not want a partner but a warm uterus where to go back into and when he finds it, he can be the sweetest and most tender of all men. Needless to say, if you fall in love with him, you must be the ones to take the first step, but first you have to reassure him about your honourable intentions!
Nevertheless, remember that: his mood swings are like fluctuations in the Stock Market; he is unlikely to become a “career man”; you will hardly let him go without feeling terribly guilty; he has not the faintest idea of how to repair a plug or where the spare tyre is; if you like "wild sex" you will have to resign yourselves to doing it with somebody else; he will love you forever, but the true Woman of his life will always be his Mother!

Zodiac sign Cancer
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